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Lost or Stolen Travel Documents in Abroad: Here is What You Can Do!

Stolen Travel Documents in Abroad

Imagine yourself on a holiday and you end up losing some of your most important travel documents like your Passport, ID Proof, and Credit Card, Driving License or other similar. Feeling like a nightmare already? Don’t worry; fortunately, there are several steps you can take to easily handle an unforeseen obstacle while avoiding major interruption in your travel plans.
Take a deep breath and just read below.



To lose something as important as your passport while on a trip is a dreadful experience indeed. The very thought of it could make you go in that panic mode. But being prepared for such unlikely events could help you cope with them. There are a few things that you can try if your passport is lost or stolen.

File a Complaint

The very first thing to do after finding your missing passport is to file a police complaint. The police report is important as it serves as proof for embassy-related formalities. However, in order to file the complaint, one should have a photocopy of the passport. Once the report is filed, make sure to have a copy of it.

Contact your Embassy

After registering your complaint with the police, contact your embassy. Try browsing the emergency numbers, contact details of the concerned person or the detailed address of the embassy. Produce that photocopy of the Police Complaint and proceed further as directed by the embassy officials.

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Get the Required Documents from the Embassy

It usually takes 4 weeks for all the formalities to sort. Even the embassy cannot issue you the passport instantly. However, the embassy can issue you the ‘Travel Documents’ that can be used as an alternative to the missing passport. During the issuing of the temporary document, you have to produce 2 passport-sized photos and a copy of your tickets that will support your departure from the host country.

Visit the Embassy

Once you have collected the required travel documents from the embassy, you must visit it yourself too and validate all your supporting documents. After a thorough validation, your travel documents will be reissued to you against a minimal fee so that you can enjoy your return journey.

Apply for a Duplicate Passport

Don’t be lazy while you are back. On arriving in your home-country, apply for a new passport against all the documents collected from the embassy.

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ID Proof

ID Proof

Even when you are extra careful, there are possibilities that your wallets and passports can get lost or stolen while you are traveling. So, what should you do if you are unable to find your ID proof?

File a Police Complaint

Like a very basic step, the very first thing to do if you lose of any of your ID Proofs is to file a report in the nearest Police Station. Only after that you can proceed further and complete the other required formalities needed to do.

Contact the Embassy

The very next step after filing a police complaint is to contact the embassy. Produce a copy of the Police Complaint and follow the instructions given by the officials; you might have to meet the concerned officer in person in order to complete the process.

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At the Airport without the ID Proof

At such emergency situations, you must report early at the respective airport to avoid the delay or miss out on your flights because of the circumstances. Give the documents you have received from the embassy to the airport officials. They will then have a brief security check and once done, you can check-in and board your flight back home.

Note: Always keep Photocopies or the scanned copies of your ID Proofs including your Birth Certificate, Passport, Driving License and other similar documents.

Credit & Debit Cards

Credit & Debit Cards

If your debit card is lost, stolen overseas, your travel plans can go seriously upside down. Here are tips to ensure your trip goes smoothly.

Make a Note

In order to fulfill all the formalities, the bank officials might ask you a series of questions. Prior to calling them, make a note of all the security details you have submitted while applying for the card; a simpler step might save your time.

Inform your Respective Bank

After you know about the loss, rather than going crazy, call up your bank and inform them about everything. Be ready with your card details and ask your bank representative to block the missing card.

Important: Before you go out on a tour, make sure you have a proper record of at least your last transaction.

File the Complaint

It is very much necessary to lodge a complaint in case you have lost or have misplaced your debit or credit cards. After filing the FIR, do not forget to get a photocopy of it as you will need it to submit in your respective bank as a supporting document.

Cash Can be a True Savior

Emergencies or situations like these can occur anytime. However, it is always advised to carry a small amount of cash that can be used in case of need.

Air Tickets

Air Tickets

Nowadays, the majority of airlines issue electronic airline ticket rather than a normal paper ticket. However, at some bad times when you don’t have a backup and you are just unable to get your Air tickets, find out what you must do.

Check Email

Losing a print-out of your ticket will not be an issue till you have the e-ticket with you on your mail or with your travel agent. So, whenever you do a booking, make sure the email address is correct and you have received the confirmation of your bookings on it.

Contact Booking Agent or the Airport Officials

A simple request of resending you the air tickets can help you come of out of the critical situation. Do make a call as soon as possible and bring the issue into their notice.

Important: Always note down the PNR number of your air ticket so even if you lose, you can still have a print out of it.

Confirm with Bank

This step is for those who made the bookings with their Debit or Credit Cards. At such circumstances, you can always call your bank and ask them to send your complete bank statement. With those detail, you can claim your booking and reissue your air ticket.

Check with the Airline

Every airline follows different rules and procedure for lost or misplaced air -tickets. So, it is always advisable to contact the concerned airline and know about their policies much before reaching to the airport or actually be in that situation.

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