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EaseMyTrip Story.. Based on facts & true events..

Background 2008: Brothers started EaseMyTrip from home-garage in May 2008. Within 3 months they lost all investment (incurring losses due to fraud conducted by some miscreants). To heck with it, they thought, & decided to give it another try

Fast-forward 2016: EaseMyTrip is among top-5 travel-portals in India with annual turnover of Rs 1400 crores & 28 offices across the globe. EaseMyTrip is the only travel-company which is non-funded yet profitable, even though all of our foreign-funded competitors are in losses!

Unique features of EaseMyTrip, which makes us preferred choice without marketing?

  1. EaseMyTrip.com is the only portal that doesn't charge convenience-fees on air-tickets, hence everyone at least saves Rs 200 per passenger on air-tickets!

  2. In order to reduce holiday-cost, EaseMyTrip has its own office, staff, cars & food arrangements in Dubai, Singapore, Thailand, Maldives, Bali & Mauritius

  3. EaseMyTrip has handpicked & partnered with top 868 hotels across India (avg TripAdvisor ratings for these hotels is 4.68 out of 5). EaseMyTrip only sells these handpicked properties @ unbeatable price

  4. Using EaseMyTrip mobile app, now airplane co-passengers can chat with each other (even without internet). Passengers are finding travel-buddies & networking on air-plane itself

  5. To help tourist in cases of emergencies (medical or theft), EaseMyTrip tied-up with 450+ NRIs across every major city in the world. Recently an NRI helped an Indian-tourist, as his daughter needed to be hospitalised at midnight in Budapest
Promoters behind EaseMyTrip
Easemytrip Ceo Nishant Pitti

Nishant Pitti

(CEO & Co-founder, EaseMyTrip.com)

A seasoned travel mogul with more than 8 years of experience in travel industry. Nishant looks after finance-dept & relationships with airlines, hotels and agents. Nishant recently forayed into movie industry and has successfully co-produced movies like Madaari & Freaky-Ali

Easemytrip Coo Rikant Pitti

Rikant Pitti

(COO & Co-founder, EaseMyTrip.com)

A tech wizard with more than 8 years of experience in managing entire technology of EaseMyTrip. Rikant also manages marketing & customer-support at EaseMyTrip. His hobbies include travelling, cars & remaining abreast with technology

Easemytrip Advisor Prashant Pitti

Prashant Pitti

(Director, EaseMyTrip.com)

Prashant looks after corporate, holidays & expansion opportunities at EaseMyTrip. He is an alumnus from IIT Madras, has worked in few banks in Chicago & has multiple startup experience. Prashant hobbies include meditation & running

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