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This section will help you to get the best advice and information on Indian or International tourist destinations. Travel updates will give you aggregated information about best adventure activities, exhilarating water activities worldwide, weekend getaways, popular restaurants, beautiful monuments, exclusive Indian and International places and lot of facts about travel. EaseMyTrip's travel update section will keep you updated about the fascinating and latest travel information.

Secret Places Which You Should Definitely Explore on Europe Tour

Secret Places of Europe

Explore some of the exotic & secret places of Europe.

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12 Richest Temples in India Famous for Their Immense Wealth

Places for SRK Fans

Discover Shah Rukh Khan Inspired Destinations.

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12 Richest Temples in India Famous for Their Immense Wealth

Richest Temples in India

These temples are not just religious but receive great revenues too.

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10 Super Cool Cafes in McLeod Ganj You Should Definitely Visit

Cafes in
McLeod Ganj

Enticing Cafes of McLeod Ganj one Should Definitely Visit.

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Surround Yourself  with the Amazing Views at the Famous Revolving Restaurants of India

Revolving Restaurants of India

Plan your trip to make sure you enjoy an exciting dining experience.

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Top 10 Wildlife Destinations in India to Enjoy Safari Tours

Wildlife Safari Tours in India

Come across the famous wildlife destinations of India to indulge into safari tours.

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10 Things We Bet You Don’t Know about Ladakh

Unusual Things about Ladakh

Know various exciting things of Ladakh that are still unknown to many.

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Discover the Amazing Village of Rajasthan that Plants 111 Trees Every Time a Girl Child Is Born

Tree Plantation On Every Girl Child Born

There is a village in Rajasthan which celebrates the born of a girl child.

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10 of the Famous Places to Eat Ramadan Food in Hyderabad

Places to Eat Ramadan Food

Ramadan Food in Hyderabad – explore restaurants in Hyderabad.

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