15 Ultimate Quotes on Delhi that will Make You Fall in Love with This City

If you are born in Delhi or have lived in this city for a long, no place on the earth can appeal to you now. Delhi is not only the capital of India rather it is a destination where you can enjoy the most sophisticated lifestyle as well as survive an underprivileged routine. People visiting Delhi for the first time find the city awe-inspiring and people regularly visiting it slowly get spellbound with exclusivity. This is how Delhi is. It totally makes the visitors fall in love with its historic grace and modernity. With being home to many empires and cultures, Delhi turns into a world of its own. Many experts have given their remarks about this city that are beautiful and inspiring. Read these amazing quotes that significantly capture the real spirit of Delhi.















Delhi is beautiful. Delhi is irresistible. And Delhi is memorable. Many things have been said about our capital – our Delhi. These inspiring quotes on Delhi tell a lot about this city and give us a different prospect about it. The above written brainy quotes on Delhi make us know various aspects of the city.