The winter delights of Saudi Arabia; Free extension of visit visa till November 30!

Saudi in winters capes a white sheet of snow in some areas. For this winter, Saudi raised the travel ban & offers a free extinction of visit visas till Nov 30th. We have today compiled a list of things that you can experience while traveling to Saudi Arabia. So here is why you should be packing your bags for the Saudi adventures. The lands of Saudi await your didar!

As per the recent reports, Indian travelers who were once restricted will now be allowed to avail themselves of the extension of visit visa free of cost as India along with others like - Indonesia, Pakistan, Turkey, Ethiopia, Brazil, Egypt, Lebanon, Vietnam & Afghanistan continue to fall in the list of the banned counties and locations.

Things to Keep in Mind:

There are a couple of things you need to take care of while visiting Saudi Arabia. It is very essential to be respectful and considerate of the way of life, beliefs & etiquette.

        1. Dress Code

Although most places in Saudi Arabia specifically, the places of worship require you to dress in a modest manner while visiting, dress code depends on individual establishments, some are casual, others go on with sophistication. 

       2. Mannerism

Foul/bad language, bad behavior, and obtruding on other’s religious believes is considered highly disrespectful. Respectful public decorum is advised.

       3. Religion

The country's tone turns mellow and spiritual during the month of Ramadan. Some shops close succinctly during the times of prayer for worship.

       4. Alcohol & Substance

Consumption, purchase & sale of drugs is illegal in Saudi Arabia. Please make sure to not offend the guidelines while visiting.

The Diversity of Saudi Cities :

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Jeddah: For lovers of art - Jeddah reflects the beautiful blends of history and mordent day art. You can enjoy Al Balad Street food and dive into culinary perfections. For shopping, Fakieh Aquarium, and other city pleasures like workplace-friendly cafes, you can roam beside and visit the Red Sea area!

You can also visit Yanbu for Driving & Beachy views and Dammam for Camping and Sand Skiing.

Wintery Adventures of Saudi Arabia :

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Yes, Saudi is blessed with snow too! To experience a winter snowscape head to the north of Saudi. Slay in the views of frosted shrubs and blanketed mountain peaks and witness camels shuffling in winter’s magical flurries. When snow falls in Saudi, the excitement gets contagious. Celebrate the season dusting by going on a mountain drive northwest of Tabuk, or saddle up an Arabian camel for a winter weather experience you won’t forget.

Choose from: A variety of other seasonal activities apart from sledding, like hiking, camping, wintery rides, snow sledding, Kashtah (camping) in the snow & more.

 Unravel the Winter Dunes : 

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       1. Dune Bashing -

Hop into a 4x4 for a thrilling experience through Saudi’s sand dunes. Balance and speed are 2 very essential keys to steering and handling a vehicle going up & down the dunes. It’s best for visitors to buckle up let the trained take the wheels.  

       2. Kashtah in the dunes -

Sleep among the sand dunes and underneath the stars for a truly Arabian experience. Don’t forget to wrap up well! The desert evenings in winter can be surprisingly chilly.

      3. Sandboarding & Sand sledding -

For another unique experience among the dunes, try sandboarding and sand sledding! Saudi’s sand dunes are a place for adventure from quad biking & hiking to dune bashing and camping.

View Desert Lakes :

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Desert lakes prestigiously lay amid the lush vegetation surrounded by boundless stretches of desert sand. Saudi’s desertscapes feature more than incredible sand dunes. And reflect a contrast between the red dunes. The landscapes around then are equally breathtaking.

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