Matamata – A Location that is As Beautiful As a Fairy Tale Scene

EaseMyTrip May 18, 2022

Matamata is a beautiful town on the North Island of New Zealand enjoying the gloominess of the Kaimai Range Mountains. Located two hours south of Auckland, the verdant green field of the Hamilton - Waikato region is known for dairy fostering and fine pure-bred horses. In the southwest of the town, the Hobbiton Movie Set was established for Peter Jackson’s “Lord of the Rings” and “Hobbit” films. These gorgeous green meadows and undulating hills will tell you that why this location was chosen to portray Hobbiton and The Shire.

The town of Matamata is ideal for the Hobbit fans as they can come across here Hobbiton Movie Set through a guided tour. The place has more than 44 exclusive hobbit holes, including Bag End (Bilbo's house). While strolling through the heart of the Shire, you will listen to the captivating commentary on how the entire set was all created.

During your journey, you will come across a mill, a double arched bridge and the famous Party Tree prior to halting for a drink at the Green Dragon Inn. Travelers coming here also have the opportunity to enjoy the evening tours that also include a feast ideal for a hobbit!
Matamata also has a number of amazing farm stays. In east of town, there is highest waterfall of North Island - Wairere Falls. It creates a fantastic view by falling from the height of 153 meters. The Wairere Falls walking track shows the diverse natural views of the valley and the Waikato Plains.

Major Highlights of the Town

- Waikato township of Matamata is the main filming location for the Lord of the Rings and Hobbit films.
- The town became energetic with the Lord of the Rings in 1999.
- It turned into an exceptionally popular tourist destination owing to Hobbiton Movie Set and farm tours, which is just 20 minutes drive away from Matamata.
- One of the main filming spots for these films is on a private farm located amidst the rolling green landscapes.
- Owners of the farm and Russell Alexander have created a joint venture to allow the reconstruction of Hobbiton movie set on site.

Things to Do in Matamata

Matamata is a small town but there is no scarcity of things to do here. From going on a tour of Hobbiton Movie Set to climbing the Kaimai Ranges and enjoying a meal surrounded by the classic views of the region, the place offers many things to do.

Hobbiton Movie Set

Going on the Hobbiton Movie Set tour is one of the top things to do in Matamata. Explore the legendary Bag End and welcoming Hobbit holes and then stop in the Green Dragon for a refreshing drink.

Matamata Heritage Trail

This heritage trail meanders through the parks, backyards and historical sites of the town. You can come across the major highlights of the region by strolling across the trail.

Kaimai Cheese Factory

Established in the replica of a historic 1920s butter factory, Kaimai Cheese allows you exploring a wide range of cheese available from camembert to blue vein. Have meal in its café, watch the cheese-making process and collect some of the best cheeses of the Waikato region from here.

Wairere Falls

Enjoying a height of 153-meter, Wairere Falls is one of the highest in the North Island. The fall enjoys breathtaking views of the Waikato region along with a walk through the lush native bush. A return journey of 3-4 hours will take you the most rewarding views of life.

Swimming Spots & Hot Pools

In the outskirts of town, you can come across many hot springs and swimming options that are real fun of being at this place.

Dalton's Plantation

Located immediately close to the town, Dalton’s Plantation features 10 acres of brilliantly designed gardens along with an amazing café where you can just relax and spend a beautiful time.

Firth Tower

Located at a stone throw distance from Matamata’s town centre, Firth Tower was built in 1882. Positioned on the lush park-like ground, it is perfect for social gatherings.

Wallace Gallery

Wallace Gallery in Morrinsville is a place to showcase the local art and artists of the region. It houses the most comprehensive range of modern New Zealand art that are existing currently.

Farm Stays

Stay in farm stays for a full rural Waikato experience and discover what makes the Waikato region agricultural hub of New Zealand. Soak up into the pleasant hospitality of the region while enjoying the charming panorama.

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