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Waldseilgarten Adventure Mountain Resort – A Place Where Fear Comes with Romance

12 Jun 2017
Waldseilgarten Adventure Mountain Resort

Fear and Romance are two prime elements of Hollywood that make its films continue to be blockbusters. But can you imagine recreating that exciting feeling with your significant other? Well, have you ever had dinner while hanging off the side of a cliff or from a tall tree? This resort is going to have you this experience.

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Visualize yourself waking up amidst the singing birds and enjoying a calm & rejuvenating sunrise. If you are bored with your regular sightseeing experiences and want to do something different – this resort is meant for you.

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Staying at Waldseilgarten Adventure Mountain Resort is an experience that no one can match. Situated in Pfronten, Bavaria, Waldseilgarten is an exciting mountain resort offering the guests a thrilling romantic night amidst the wilds. Cuddled on the top of a mountain, the resort is not for weak hearts and invites only the courageous travelers to spend their night while hanging from the tree tops, suspended over a cliff face or inside a gorgeous hand-made igloo.

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The resort hosts adventurous and exciting night outs, where guests can relax in a hanging tent system or at a balanced space some meters above the ground. This hanging tent is recognized as a portaledge, which is mainly a transportable used by rock climbers on numerous day climbs. The hanging tent features a fabric-covered platform, which is supported by a metal frame that is balanced through a safe single point. At this resort, the tents are balanced through the thick branches of huge free-standing trees, where guests can climb up or down through the rope.

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For more adventurous type of tourists, the resort offers a couple of other options. You can find them sleeping in some of the farthest beds on earth. There is an option to rent a perch where you will be hanged from a huge cliff face measuring between 1000 and 2000 meters (3280 – 6562 ft) high.

Cost of Extreme Fear & Romance

Cost of Extreme Fear & Romance

The cost for sleeping in a portaledge will cost about 250 Euros per person, while the cliff-face ledges cost up to 890 Euros. A tree platform is the cheapest option available at 125 Euro per person per night.

Training Prior to Your Stay

Training Prior to Your Stay

All the travelers coming here for stay have to go through a mandatory training session. To spend a thrilling romantic night in the skies, the resort provides its guests training of simple rope to climb up and down the portaledges. They are taught with useful skills for hiking and rock climbing. Toilet facilities are available just minutes away from your sleeping spots. For taking shower, you have to use the local waterfall. Can anything be wilder than this?