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Witness the Unusual Red Lagoon of Chile

16 Jun 2017
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If you always have a desire to explore unusual places of the world then this place is just for you and will definitely leave you in shock! Whenever we talk about lagoons what comes in our minds in beautiful & gushing water but this lagoon in Chile is popularly called as Red lagoon because of its red water. This red lagoon is located 3700 meters above the sea level, in the town of Camina in northern Chile and around 147 kilometers away from the city of Iquique.

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The water of this lagoon is so red that it appears as if the lagoon is filled with red ink or blood. The other interesting fact about the lake is that the lake is known to locals but it was unknown to the National Service of Tourism until the year 2009.

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This area has been populated by the Aymara culture and ancient civilization who have perfectly managed to preserve the secrets and legends of its land which is revealed few years back. According to the legend, this red pool possesses a curse which affects those who approach its red waters. It is also believed that the disappearance of thousands of Aymaras is also because of this red lake because they drank water from this red lagoon.

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