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Travel Documentaries that has perfectly captured the true essence of India

Travel Documentaries that has perfectly captured the true essence of India
Travel documentaries are one of the perfect medium to inspire you to travel and explore unknown places. Open road in the journeys, truly opens up the mind to the various possibilities of encounters with interesting people and enthralling situations that can come up during the travel. With that thought in mind, one can get the feeling to pack the bag and hit the road. Here are some of the travel documentaries that has perfectly captured and shown the true essence of India.

Way Back Home

It is a beautiful series that explores the lesser know parts of the Himalayan Valle. The series of travelogue is hosted by Rohan Thakur and produced by the Shoelace Film. The movie is a musical dedication to the beauty and the charm of the Himalayas and the people living there. The film is a cinematic excellence and captures the diversity of India very nicely. Watch out the movie for some motivation to go out and explore the world.

Riding Solo to the Top of the World

Like every motorcycle owner's dream, the film captures the solo motorcycle journey from Mumbai to Changthang Plateau in Ladakh. Filmed by Gaurav Jani himself, the documentary takes you to journey of Self doubts, loosing, winning along with heartwarming stories of the people he meets on road. There was no film crew involved in the making of the whole movie and it was produced by Dirt Track Production.

Hit the Road

This adventurous journey is by Ric Gazarian and Keith King, which goes on a 12-day-long autorickshaw rally from Mumbai to Chennai. The two friends travel 1300 kilometers, braving heat, cold and rains. The movie is 80 minute and is completely loaded with exciting encounters on road and the funny witticisms which make it worth a watch. Produced by an Armenia-based film studio and inspires you to take on a journey.

One Crazy Ride

The movie is about the journey of five friends on the unexplored routes towards Arunachal Pradesh crossing the Himalayas. Produced by Dirt track Productions in 2009, the movie takes you through the risky roads, crazy weather and some offbeat routes. The movie along inspiring you to travel, also displays the spirit of togetherness as the five the friends faces the fear of the unknown.

The Maze of Lanes

The documentary is a beautiful tribute to the city of Banaras. Kalpana Subramanian's has given the city a refreshing twist, walking through the complex lanes and smaller pathways. The documentary is of 6 minutes and creates a sense of mystery with while the narrator speaks about the legends connected to the places.

Parts Unknown: India

It is a global series hosted by the well known author and chef, Anthony Bourdain. His journey begins with its first episode being dedicated to the flavors of Punjab. Watch him as he walks through the culture, colour and tastes of the people of the city. His exploration on the further episode explains the culinary experience one can enjoy in Punjab.

Contiki Conschmiki

The documentary is about a journey that Will and Tom take on a cycle to promote sustainable travelling. They both cycle the journey from Rishikesh to Mumbai and Bengaluru in six weeks. The film was crow-funded with a positive message of how a travelling can be done in the most eco-friendly way.

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