Toppels’ Roadside Café in Germany – Turning Things Upside Down for Hilarious Experiences

14 September 2016
Upside Down Cafe

If you think you know about many unusual things or unique cafés around the world, then visit the Toppels Roadside Café in Wertheim, Germany. Your all thoughts will be vanished on visiting this extremely weird café. It is not a place that you wouldn’t want to visit. However, there is chance of getting a migraine and strain in your neck and you can have a literal demonstration of your world going upside-down.

Upside Down Café of Germany

We are not joking. Toppels’ Roadside Café is a place where all things are upside down. You might have come across many other such buildings that have been built like this from outside, but this café is much ahead of that. Every minutest detail of this café has been given a similar kind of feel. Its living room, kitchen, bedrooms and even the bathroom have been turned upside down.

Toppels Cafe

The café is owned by a fictitious family named the Toppels. They must be very high when idea of making this building clicked in their mind. They literally mixed up the ceiling and the floor of this place. From outside, not only this building is down-side up, but you can even see a floating car on its outside veranda.

Toppels Roadside Café

Along with offering reverted interior and exterior, the café has even got amazing beer and coffee mugs that too are upside-down. So, you will be served into inverted mugs. Cool no?

Toppels’ Roadside Café in Germany

There are many weird prospects of this café. Are you planning a trip to Germany? For international flight tickets, visit and visit this café for once.