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7 Weird Places in India: Be ready for stupefaction before visiting

Weird Places in India
Travelling in India is just like exploring heaven because this country offers some amazing and beautiful places but apart from the beautiful beaches, natural bliss, enticing view of sunrise and sunsets and magnificent mountains, India has some haunted and mysterious places too which will make you skip a heartbeat. You must have heard Incredible India and below mentioned places will surely going to prove this.

Temple of the Visa God - Balaji Temple, Chilkur in Hyderabad

Balaji Temple Chilkur in Hyderabad
This amazing temple will show you what all gods can do. As we all know that there are many gods worshipped in India and some gods bring prosperity, some gives you power and some grant you protection but the god of Balaji temple will grant your wish to get a US visa ; so hurry up and visit this fascinating temple in Hyderabad. This particular temple is featured in the Indian reality show as well that is 'Mano ya mano'. People from different locations come over to worship Lord Venkateshwara . At this visa temple and then goes to attend the visa interview. Lord Venkateshwara is known as visa granting Balaji. This is one of the ancient Hindu temples located near the banks of Osman Sagar Lake. You can ask about this temple from the locals residing there they will narrate you the true incidents how people get the visa to US after worshiping in this temple and if then also you can’t believe try your luck as well and get the elite American Visa.

Red Rain - Idukki, Kerala

Red Rain Idukki Kerala
Idukki is known for its exclusively different phenomenon called "Red Rain". This place witnesses the unusual sight of red rain it is believed that it is due to the wrath of angry gods punishing the sinners according to Hindu mythology. Locals residing there have different logics regarding this unusual event. This mysterious red rain in Kerala leaves India on the mysterious end. This event baffled the entire world and most recently it is experience 3 years back in 2012.

The Motorcycle God - Bullet Baba Shrine , Bandai, Rajasthan

Bullet Baba Shrine
Om Banna belongs to the rathore family of Chotila. Whoever comes across this particular place puts garlands, incense sticks, liquors and lot more not to any sculpture of god but to the bullet motorcycle. It is believed that the motorcycle belongs to Om Singh Rathore who died when his bullet crash into a tree and in this incident leads to his death. On a regular day many passers visits this place and worship the motorcycle for their safety. It is believed that the spirit of Om Singh Rathore protects the travelers.

Dine with Dead - New Lucky Restaurant, Ahmadabad

New Lucky Restaurant
If you want to visit something gothic, hilarious and morbid at the same time then this restaurant has a killing ambience. This coffee house is built on a muslim cemetery. The tables are placed in a manner surrounding the graves and many people visit here regularly. The owner of the restaurant earns really well and he believes that the graves are his lucky mascots. Be ready for the goose bumps before landing this restaurant.

No Doors Village - Shani Shignapur , Maharashtra

No Doors Village
The locals residing at this place believes that Lord Shani has rained his divine sanction over this village. The locals here are completely devoted towards Shani Dev and truly depended on their faithful god for their safety as well. That’s the reason this village don’t have even a single door. Even the commercial building in this village has no doors not even a door frame. This village has zero crime rates and because of this reason UCO has opened a Lock less bank in this village and this sets this village apart from the other villages in India.

Mysterious Lake - Roopkund Lake, Chamoli, Uttarakhand

What can one expect when an ice lake melts probably water or some fossils of water animals but what is seen here is truly horrifying. This place is located in the uninhabitable part of the great Himalayas; This Roopkund Lake is spotted with over 500 human skeletons and that’s the reasons it is also called Mystery Lake or skeleton Lake. The fossils floating at this lake is believed to be of people from 12-15 century. Locals of this place believe that this is because of the wrath of the local deity Latu.

Dog as Deity - Channapatna, Karnataka

Dog Temple
Locals of Channapatna's Ramnagar has created a very unique temple unlike the common ones .In this temple they worship the faithful animal that is dog .They even have sculptures of dog and they worship them dedicatedly. There are many animals which are worshipped in Hinduism but worshiping the dog is bit different. There are two idols in the temple displaying the two faces of the animals which adds in the uniqueness of the temple. If you are also planning to explore these exciting places and looking for cheap flight tickets and best packages check out

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