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Top 12 Unusual and Weird Restaurants in the World for Interesting Meals

Calender28 November 2016

Top 12 Unusual and Weird Restaurants in the World for Interesting Meals

You encounter many strange things in life and must have different explanations for unusualness and strange. From odd personalities to abnormal happenings, the world always surprises people with strange things. In this article, you will learn about having unusual meals among various strange things. All of us enjoyed a lavish 3-course meal while sitting in a sumptuous atmosphere and there is nothing much to talk about it. But, if something goes weird about your meal, then it becomes an unusual culinary experience. Top 12 Unusual and Weird Restaurants in the World for Interesting Meals-1
Here, you can know about most unusual and weird restaurants of the world offering extraordinary dining experience with a great twist.

Cat Café Nekorobi, Japan

Cat Café Nekorobi Japan

For all the feline lovers, Cat Café Nekorobi is an ultimate stopover. Situated in the activity zone of Ikebukuro, the café serves variety of delicious drinks. One can spot here some really cute cats and have the chance to see the catlike cuties relishing their cat food.

O.NOIR – Toronto, Canada

O.NOIR  Toronto Canada
The strangest thing about O.Noir is to offer food in the dark. This innovative yet simple concept is little peculiar. Guests are supposed to place their orders and then proceed towards a dark dining room for a 2-hours seated dinner. The helpers give entire details of all things kept on dining table for making them comfortable. The initiative behind this arrangement is that the senses of smell and taste work better when the sense of sight is removed. By no means one can have any type of flashlights here as cell phones and other light equipments are not allowed.

Dinner in the Sky – Montreal, Canada

Dinner in the Sky Montreal Canada
The name has already told you what is strange about this restaurant. This high-altitude café has dining chairs and table hanged 160 feet above the ground. While floating in the air, you will enjoy the most amazing meal of lifetime. The diner is well-known enough to deliver its services in various cities of the world for a limited time. Fine dining in this high flying way and in a thrilling setting is absolute fun.

Ninja Restaurant, New York, USA

Ninja Restaurant New York USA
Interiors of this unique restaurant suggest a Ninja Village of old days, with individual and clever devices that are meant to mislead the eye of the visitors. The servers of this restaurant do lots of ninja stuff that normal attendants don't. In their black costumes, they eternally bow, frequently yap and ever so occasionally trip up. While enjoying the scrumptious Japanese food, you get to watch the little of their martial arts here.

Modern Toilet Restaurant

Modern Toilet Restaurant
This weird toilet themed restaurant chain is a grand hit. The first of this chain restaurant was opened in Taipei. In spite of the fact that this idea is weird and creepy, the chain became successful. There are lots of visitors for this restaurant chain, which is expanding across the world.

Villa Escudero Waterfalls Restaurant, Philippines

Villa Escudero Waterfalls Restaurant, Philippines
Situated at the base of a waterfall, Villa Escudero Waterfalls Restaurant is another bizarre restaurant of the world. While eating in this restaurant, you can see the water keep flowing through the feet. People love to get wet under the waterfall. Guests are highly recommended to wear shorts while having food at this place.

Redwoods Treehouse, New Zealand

Redwoods Treehouse, New Zealand
Eating in this unusual restaurant makes you feel like converting your fantasy into a reality. In this restaurant, you have to eat inside a pod. This pod-shaped restaurant was created in 2008 by hanging through a Redwood tree at a height of 32 feet. The restaurant only accommodates 30 persons at a time and mostly used for private events.

Safe House Milwaukee, USA

Safe House Milwaukee USA
The restaurant is completely according to what it is named. The restaurant is themed on safe house and is perfect for people interested detective thrillers. To enter into its building, you have to press its password. The restaurant is really big, which can accommodate large number of visitors.

De Kas, The Netherlands

De Kas, The Netherlands
De Kas is a brilliant type of restaurant that is famous due to serving great food prepared with ingredients cropped the same day of the dining. There is a huge garden around this restaurant where varieties of vegetables and other ingredients are grown. Things like herbs, Mediterranean vegetables and edible flowers are available in its garden.

The Bubble Room, Florida, USA

The Bubble Room, Florida, USA
The Bubble Room offers something that you have never seen before. This world famous multi-theme restaurant features a superb collection of toys from the 1930s and 1940s. These toys are on display in the restaurant and one can see the toy trains moving on the floor. While eating in this restaurant, you can also enjoy the very primitive days' music.

Devil Island Prison Restaurant, China

Devil Island Prison Restaurant, China
Devil Island Prison Restaurant in China was built by its owner to make the guests aware about the rough life of jails. This jail themed restaurant creates perfect aura of a prison. Guests are taken inside with handcuffs and offered with fried coffin shape bread. Each table is encircled with rusting prison bars and waiters in jail uniforms serve the guests.

Chill Out Café, Dubai, UAE

Chill Out Café, Dubai, UAE
Chill-Out Café cum Lounge is an ice theme restaurant in Dubai where about everything is created using Ice. Diners will have to sit on benches or chairs made of ice. They have to eat on ice tables in ice plates and even drink in glasses made of ice. The restaurant is a thrilling place to visit.

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