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The World's Worst Christmas Tree in Rome Gets a Much Required Make-Over

22 December 2016

When the pictures of the Piazza Venezia Christmas tree were posted on Facebook by Rome's city council, the post received overwhelming responses. Don't be excited, the response was not so positive. In fact, the feedbacks were awful.
A user directly said that he wants to vomit on seeing this while another said that it would have been good not to keep anything at all, it is so ugly. Another user said that it is rubbish.

Piazza Venezia Christmas tree-2

But the best part of the whole scenario was that when people spoke, the government didn't remain deaf. It not only listened but also loosened their purse strings on Wednesday the government to give the criticized conifer a makeover.
Mayor Virginia Raggi announced that if Romans want an attractive Christmas tree at Piazza Venezia, they should get one. The government provided funds for more decorations and to add lights to it.

Piazza Venezia Christmas tree-4

The actual Christmas tree budget had been limited to save money for important city projects like improving parks and children's playing areas. For the happiness of its citizens, the government had to spend that capital on Christmas tree decoration.