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This Cloud in Mexico Literally Rains Tequila for Real

24 April 2017

Would you feel nice to be drenched in tequila? The thought is exciting or very exciting?

This Cloud in Mexico Literally Rains Tequila for Real

Before you start calling the god of rain this summer, have a look on this artificially created wonder that showers to get you in high spirits. The Mexican tourist board has recently invented first-of-its-kind of cloud that rains of course, but with tequila. The board has taken this step for the purpose of attracting crowd of tourists from different parts of Europe.

This Cloud in Mexico Literally Rains Tequila for Real-2

The tequila-loving country associated with American marketing company for creating the cloud and is now hopeful that tourists will flood to the country in good numbers. The alcohol-emitting cloud is prepared to mete out Tequila when it is raining outside to attract the Germans to sunnier climes. The cloud was firstly kept on display to an art gallery in Berlin as a special exhibiting product in Berlin. With the help of the technology, Mexico Tourism Board and ad agency Lapiz have created this cloud as part of their attempt to entice the travelers.

This Cloud in Mexico Literally Rains Tequila for Real-3

Are you wondering about its creation? The agency named Lapiz used ultrasonic humidifiers to vaporize tequila into a visible mist. This mist was then squeezed into liquid, which fells as raindrops. Afterwards, the programming device, as per Lapiz, was synchronized with the pattern of Berlin’s local weather. So, whenever it rained in Berlin, this artificial cloud also rained tequila. And because it was raining frequently, people enjoy the maximum of this unique phenomenon.

This Cloud in Mexico Literally Rains Tequila for Real-4

The cloud was created primarily to draw tourists from Germany by connecting together the drink they love with the weather they hate. Really visionary! So, when you are planning a trip to Mexico? Grab the best deals on international flight booking with EaseMyTrip and plan your visit accordingly.