Sleeping in Two Countries at the Same Time is Possible. Confused?

22 September 2016

Have you ever thought of sleeping in France and Switzerland together at the same time? If not, then let me introduce you to the small hotel located in the village of La Cure called “Hotel Arbez Franco-Suisse”.

Hotel Arbez Franco-Suisse

It is the hotel that lies on the French –Swiss border, the international border that separates the two countries of France and Switzerland in Europe.

Hotel Arbez

Dates back to the early 1860s, the building was constructed after France and Switzerland decided to redraw the border in the area. With that new deal Swiss got some area in the town of La Cure and French got a land in the nearby Dappes Valley. When the village of La Cure got bisected, a local businessman found this a good opportunity to start a business. M. Ponthus constructed a bar along with a grocery store in this significant location to attract customers. Jean Arbez bought that land from the Ponthus family in 1921, to create Hotel Arbez.

alpine village of La Cure

The dinning room of the hotel is divided by the border, depicting the cultures of both countries in it. While exploring the area, one gets to witness one room which is in Switzerland, but its washrooms in France. Yes, This actually happens.
The honeymoon suite in the hotel is also divided into two sides of Swiss and French so that you get the feeling as if two nations sleeping in the same bed.

Uniqe Border

The business of the place is always in bloom as the people finds it very interesting to experience the culture of both the countries at one place.