Secluded Wooden Library Cabin in the Middle of Nowhere. Enjoy Reading!

28 September 2016
Wooden Library

New definition of a perfect place for reading is nowadays a little and serene library cabin in the woods which is away from the maddening crowd. This place is away from the loud sounds of big cars, large houses. It is one perfect place which if you love the fragrance of books coming from every single corner.

Wooden Library1

If you love the setting and concept of this place then you should this place is a true heaven for you. Further this little wooden cabin is called as Hemmelig Rom and is in upstate New York.

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Hemmelig Rom means 'Secret Room' and this place actually justify its name. It is built by Studio Padron and is absolutely amazing and it is a kind of place where you would definitely like to visit at least once.

Wooden Library

This little secluded library is built with a perfect plan and is given full attention. The Oak trees of the nearby area were cut in the shape of large rectangle and after drying were used in the construction of the structure of the library. Further the niches in the logs were used as bookcases and this small cabin is filled with quality content books. 

Wooden Library6

Hemmelig Rom is every book lover's paradise and is a gorgeous and cozy place where you can have the best time of your life while reading amazing books.

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