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Ranveer Singh Launching Summer Campaign of Switzerland Tourism

17 March 2017

All of us have been the witness of the deep love between Bollywood and Switzerland. From the women wearing delicate sarees to men in vibrant sweaters have been found romancing against the charming background of this amazing land. With snowcapped mountain peaks and lush green terrains, Switzerland has inspired many Indian directors to direct best romantic movies of era.

Ranveer Singh Shows a Different Side of Switzerland Tourism -1

To carry this unconditional love forward, Ranveer Singh has taken a step forward and became the Indian brand ambassador for Switzerland Tourism. You can see Ranveer Sing in a recent commercial released by Switzerland Tourism for India. You can spot him exploring the panoramic views of Switzerland. This year, the campaign will be known as 'InLoveWithSwitzerland'.

Ranveer Singh Shows a Different Side of Switzerland Tourism -3

The main purpose of this new campaign is to make people aware of the fact that a holiday in Switzerland can be anything that they want it to be. No matters what age group you belong to, Switzerland has something for everyone. If you love to explore nature and want to indulge into fun filled activities and flawless views, Switzerland vacation is the thing that you need to take.

Ranveer Singh Shows a Different Side of Switzerland Tourism -4

Ranveer Singh loves travelling and coming across new experiences that a country offers its visitors. As per him, Switzerland is a place that has a long list for all. Switzerland has always been popular among people for its beauty and serenity, but it is an amazing place for adventure enthusiasts as well. With his edgy energy level, peculiar dressing sense and power-packed adventure activities, Ranveer is showing a different side of Switzerland.

Ranveer Singh Shows a Different Side of Switzerland Tourism -4

This advertisement of Ranveer Singh on Switzerland tourism shows that the place, which is always known for its serenity has a fun and adventurous side also. The land also offers many adrenaline filled activities and unusual experiences apart from the seamless panoramic views.

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