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Enjoy International Women's Day with Places in India for Women Traveling Alone

Women's Day with Places in India
"Why should boys have all the fun?" – The quote must speak about the true feeling of every girl.

In India, solo traveling of woman has never been promoted as it is said to be an unsafe place for woman traveling alone. Our parents specially become very nervous and worried when we talk about taking a solo trip. Sometimes they feel that something is surely wrong with us or will be in future if we are going to plan a holiday alone. It's time to break the stereotypes and convince your family to celebrate the freedom of life.

One should always take safety on a serious note and it is easy to follow some guidelines to be away from the troubles. So ladies, pack your bags, tie your shoes and get ready to enjoy your day in this beautiful land of India like never before.

This article is the compilation of beautiful destinations in India that are not only noticed for their extraordinary charm but also secure for the solo women travelers. Choose any of these places if you have a carefree girl's spirit that wants to wander around the world.


A UNESCO world heritage site, Khajuraho is located in central India in Madhya Pradesh and dedicated to Shiva, Vishnu, and Jain patriarch. Created with a distinct pattern of art and architectural grandeur, it is a famous tourist & archaeological site and a magnificent reminder of a creatively rich and artistic era. Spread over 21 km of land and comprising of about 85 temples, this stunning spot is adorned with a distinct sculptural grace and structural splendor. Most of these temples are built using hard river sandstone and feature skillfully carved excellent sculptures that are normally sensual and sexually overt. The place is not only known for its originality and innovation but also turns into one of the safest spots to travel in India for solo women travelers.


The popular 'City of Lakes' is Udaipur, which is inhabited by amiable and helpful people. Also known as the Venice of the East, Udaipur is one of the romantic cities of India enjoying an unparalleled grandeur and heritage charm. The rich culture of the city can be easily experienced. Exploring its architectural marvels and enjoying boating on lakes can be a truly amazing experience for you. It also features some of the grandest structures and excellent retreats to enjoy a royal stay, where you can feel safe and secure during your stay.


Coorg is a picturesque landscape that appeals the solo women tourists to satisfy their obsession for natural beauty. The mesmerizing backdrop of this beautiful place is home to lush coffee plantations, cloudy mountains and verdant valleys creating perfect atmosphere for enjoying a superb vacation. Along with its natural beauty, the city has been also home to different royal kingdoms and has preserved its cultural heritage very carefully. With a royal history and breathtaking natural beauty, the city turns into a perfect destination for women to enjoy a memorable vacation. It also offers safe homestays mainly for women.


Sikkim is a beautiful landlocked region located amidst the mighty mountain ranges of Himalayas. With awesome mountain ranges, charming serene valleys and peaceful Buddhist monasteries, this charming north-eastern state turns into a place of extraordinary appeal for any enthusiastic traveler. From rugged mountains to dense forests and from deep valleys to raging rivers, lakes and waterfalls, Sikkim creates a wonderful visual delight for all. So, all these features are going to bring excellent experiences for solo women travelers and they can connect beautifully with the splendor of nature.


Munnar is especially renowned for its luxuriant tea plantations and is a place offering spectacular charm and extraordinary landscapes. Its luxuriant backdrop enhances the overall charm of the place making it considerably a safe place to travel as people here are honest and hardworking in nature. There are a number of resorts in this picturesque place offering some of the stunning options to the people traveling solo. These staying options are very safe and comfortable for women travelers too.


The calm destination of Rishikesh has geared towards fun and adventure now. With activities like river-rafting, rappelling and fox flying, Rishikesh turns into an ultimate destination to be enjoyed alone or with a group of friends. If you don't like indulging into adventurous activities, the beauty of serene river Ganges is never going to disappoint you. The land is not only beautiful but sacred as well. So, what can be better than celebrating your day at this spiritual destination? The spiritual land is safe, believe me.

So, where are you going to take your solo trip? Have another place in mind? Don't worry. Just be safe and enjoy your vacations.

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