Null Stern – A Swiss Hotel with No Roof No Walls….Isn't It Amazing?

25 October 2016
A Swiss Hotel with No Roof No Walls-1

When all the hotels in the world are determined for getting maximum stars for its services, this is a hotel that flaunts of having none. Null Stern means Zero Star in German, which is the latest venture in the Swiss Alps and allows the guests camping under the stars amidst nature.

A Swiss Hotel with No Roof No Walls-2

At this place, you will find nothing except a bed cuddled into a gap on a Swiss mountain. There is no roof, walls or bathroom here but there is a handy butler for the guests to deliver them breakfast on bed. The nearest toilet is located at a walking distance of 10 minute at a restaurant. The lucky ones can be entertained with passing Swiss cows

A Swiss Hotel with No Roof No Walls-3

Behind the concept of Null Stern, Frank and Patrik Riklin are there who take great pride in trying the luxury hotel industry. Other different experiments have also been done by them in the past.  

A Swiss Hotel with No Roof No Walls-4

This hotel is situated 6,463 feet above sea level in the mountains of Graubünden and enjoys panoramic alpine views. Per night stay in this open air hotel costs $335. In spite of being so expensive, the Alpine Room is often booked till summer but opened for the guests in July. Sleeping under the star is a not to be missed thing if you can afford this.

A Swiss Hotel with No Roof No Walls-4