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Maximum Security Prison of Norway will Change Your Perspective About Jails

28 February 2017
Maximum Security Prison of Norway will Change Your Perspective About Jails

Have you ever had a dream of waking up in a prison? Well, it must not be a dream but it is a very scary nightmare. Even the thought of finding oneself in a prison can give a spine chilling feeling. Have you ever thought about the life in a prison? Ahhh… you all must be thinking about the punishments and the gloomy atmosphere but there is a prison in Norway which is named as “Halden Prison” and this prison will change your perspective about jails. It will give you a brighter view about how the Norwegians approach criminal rehabilitation. Get ready to be overwhelmed by their way of rehabilitation.

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It is designed in a manner so that the inmates would have enough greenery around them and access to the windows to enjoy that as well whenever they feel like. The architects have designed it in this particular manner so that the inmate can enjoy the breathtaking view of the surrounding. From 2010, the Halden Prison has been considered the most humane maximum security prison.

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The interior of this prison looked really amazing then what one can imagine in prison context. With wooden doors, windows and each cell of this prison is more like a college dorm room. Inmates can really have a nice time here.

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This prison is designed with a philosophy that dangerous inmates too behave more civilly here. Here the inmates cooks their own food and eats the dinner in an open common space. In Halden the inmates have access to recreational activities as well like pottery. Moreover, the prisoners of Halden prison can also have access to rec room where they can enjoy watching TV, movies &playing video games.

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The Facilities offered in Halden doesn’t ends here as the inmates have access to a fully equipped gym, rock climbing wall and basketball courts as well. Apart from this there is a actual recording studio where the inmates can entertain themselves.

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However, the prisoners who are spiritually and religiously inclined can even pray & meditate in a separate space. At high security, local religious leaders also conduct session and guide the inmates.

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Halden Prison of Norway deserves a lot of praise for a nice and thoughtful beginning to reform the criminals of the society!