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Magnificent Buddha Statues in the World

Magnificent Buddha Statues in the World
Buddhism is followed in many regions around world and that's the reason this has given the most beautiful contributions in the world of art in the form of amazingly fabulous statues of Buddha and which is also known as Buddharupa. Below is the list of some magnificent and famous Buddha statues in the world which you too can explore with

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Hussain Sagar Buddha Statue

Hussain Sagar Buddha Statue
This grand Buddha Statue is placed in the center of an artificial lake in Hyderabad. The Buddha statue in Hyderabad is the most famous statue of Buddha in India. This statue weighs 320 tons and has a height of 56 feet. This marvelous piece of art is carved out from a single stone by group of artisans. At the time of installation of this magnificent statue the figure tipped over and fell in the lake which caused the death of 8 workers however the government recovered the statue and restored it in its full height and stature.

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Monywa Buddhas

Monywa Buddhas
This grand Buddha statue is located in Monywa city in Myanmar in the Po Khaung Taung range of hills. It is the largest reclining statue in the world and recently a giant standing Buddha statue is also built on the top of Po Kuang Hills which has a height of 433 feet and is reputed as the largest Buddha statues in the world.

Temple of the Emerald Buddha

Temple of the Emerald Buddha
This Buddhist temple is one of the famous Buddhist temples in Wat Phra Kaew. This temple is located within the grand palace. The main building houses The Emerald Buddha which is one of the famous and oldest Buddha statues. It is basically a jade statue in gold cloths and it is said that this Buddha statue is created in the city of Patliputra in India in 43 BC and it remained there for about 300 years but later is was taken to Sri Lanka and eventually the statue made its way to Thailand and moved in Wat Phra kaew. The statue has 3 sets of gold clothing.

Leshan Giant Buddha

Leshan Giant Buddha
The Giant Buddha of Leshan is a giant Buddha statue being carved out of a cliff in Sichuan in western china .This giant Buddha is a figure of Maitreya representing Buddha in a sitting posture. The construction of this giant sculpture was started in 713 and was not completed till 803. It is featured in poetry, song and stories as well. The sculpture has a height of 233 feet and has 11 feet long fingers on each resting hand. It is the most popular attraction in China.

Tian Tan Buddha statue

Tian Tan Buddha statue
It is many times referred as Big Buddha and is located on Lantau Island in Hong Kong and the construction of this amazing sculpture got completed in 1993. This statue has an important place in Po Lin Monastery which symbolizes harmony and calmness between man, nature, people and religion. The statue is named Tian Tan Buddha because the base of this sculpture is the replica of Tian Tan which is the temple of heaven in Beijing. This grand statue is a posture presented in serenity.

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