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Walk on the Longest Hanging Bridge in Switzerland

08 Nov 2017
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Walk on the Longest Hanging Bridge in Switzerland

Switzerland is one of the famous tourist destinations and is known for many things including snow-capped mountains, spectacular views of the Alps and for Swiss chocolates as well. There is no end to the reasons why one should plan a magical trip to Switzerland. Moreover, the current icing on the cake is the new officially opened world’s longest suspension bridge.

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suspension bridge

This newly opened suspension bridge is named ‘Europabruecke Bridge’ connects Grachen and Zermatt. The 494m long pedestrian hanging bridge is perfect for the hikers and for the travel enthusiasts who are madly in love with nature’s charm and gorgeousness but it is surely not for the faint hearted people.

Europabruecke Bridge

This stunning bridge along with the spectacular views can also literally give a little cardiac arrest to the ones with vertigo. It is nestled at a height of 1600m and 2,200m above the level of sea and high above the deepest cut valley in Switzerland. Being situated along the Euopaweg trail, the bridge offers marvelous views of the Matterhorn, Weisshorn and the Bernese Alps mountains. This bridge also gives the travelers an opportunity to witness the charm of the highest mountains nestled in Switzerland and that is ‘the Dom’ 4, 545m.

Swinging Effect

Europabruecke replaced a similar bridge which was closed in 2010 due to rock fall. Moreover, this bridge was erected in the time span of 10 weeks and the company which has erected this also installed a special damping system to decrease the swinging effect.
Walking on this bridge is one of the unique experiences which you should definitely have. So, plan Singapore tour soon with best holiday packages from EaseMyTrip and enjoy walking on this marvelous hanging bridge.