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Why don't Airlines Make Their Last-Minute Deals Affordable to Fill Empty Seats?

16 Nov 2017
Why don't Airlines Make Their Last-Minute Deals Affordable to Fill Empty Seats?

All of you must have paid extra for booking a flight at the last minute. So, there is a curiosity in everyone’s mind that why it is expensive to travel last minute despite airlines are left with many empty seats.
You know it very well that the smartest way to save money on airline tickets is to purchase it in advance or being an early bird. But what you would in case of emergency and when you have to make last-minute bookings of flights?
Most of you must have faced such situations on last minute flights booking and regretted paying an excessive price for the same seat that could have booked at really lesser rates on booking early.

Empty Seats

No one can avoid such situations. But have you ever thought why airlines keep increasing their airfares over the course of booking any particular carrier? Despite they have to fly with empty seats, they don’t sell the tickets off at a cheaper rate.

Urgency of Travel

You definitely be keen to know the reasons behind this. The reason is that airlines depend on two main factors: price sensitivity and urgency of travel. Usually, it is a leisure traveler who is always price sensitive. So, he will book his trips in advance. Business travelers have to travel on urgent basis and he will not hesitate in paying for last minute bookings.

Airline companies, certainly, are aware of this trend. So, every journey being done by any carrier, airlines take note of certain things like how many passengers have already booked their tickets and the rate of their booking. The historical demand for such flights based on timings allows the airlines increasing fares. Their goal is to sell the flights at as high price as possible. This is the reason; best flights offers are not available for last minute booking.

Ticket Counter

Once an airline started offering their empty seats at lower cost through their booking counters at airport, but when people came to know about such kind of offer, they stopped buying tickets online to buy last minute cheaper tickets at window. This suddenly resulted into heavy loss to the airline. So, any airline stopped dropping their airfares at last minute.

As per the current scenario, the earlier you book tickets, the cheaper its price will be. This becomes a continuous process whereby one set of less cheap tickets follows the earlier group and gives the airline the chance to monitor the load factor on any flight. However, EaseMyTrip keeps offering great deals on last minute international flights.