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Japan’s Fox Village is the Ultimate Heart-Warming Thing in the World

24 February 2017
Japan’s Fox Village is the Ultimate Heart-warming Thing in the World

Between the picturesque mountains close to Shiroishi, there is a fascinating Zao Village, filled with hundreds of adorable wild foxes, including silver fox, red fox and platinum foxes.

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Opened in the year 1990, the place allows people to roam freely along with the foxes and enjoy with them in their own wild environment.

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In Japan, Foxes are considered to be possessed with some mystical powers and are considered as the messengers of the Shinto deity of fertility, rice and prosperity and because of this, the region is very popular among the people.

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For 100 yen (or about 85 US cents), visitors can purchase the food for these foxes , but since the foxes are wild, it has been advised to be cautious while feeding them by hand. Moreover, one should avoid bringing small children near to these foxes.

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The Zao Fox Village is full of lush green trees, a shrine with statues and a torii too.

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How to Reach: You can get to the town of Shiroishi by a bullet train and reach fox village within a 30 minute drive by car.

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