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14 International Destinations Where You Can Drive with Indian License

Calender11 October 2018
International Destinations Where You Can Drive with Indian License

Usually what happens when we go abroad? We use public transports…..Right? Most of us use public transport in foreign destinations to explore and to wander. What if you have an option to drive through the spectacular views by your own with your Indian driving license, Shocking? Don’t get startled because there are pretty good number of foreign destinations where you can actually drive in with Indian license that too without any complicated documentation

There are several international destinations where your Indian DL can let you drive without any hassle, you just have to rent a car and roar on the roads. Below is the list of international places where you can enjoy driving with an Indian license. So, what are you waiting plan your trip soon with cheap flights at


Germany Road

Germany is a beautiful destination and here at this gorgeous place you can easily drive with Indian driver's license. You can here drive around 6 months with Indian driving license. Further, it is not compulsory for the outsiders to have an international driving permit but one should keep that along if that is required in any situation.

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Great Britain

Great Britain Road

One can drive quite smoothly on the roads of the famous destination; Great Britain (England, Scotland & Wales) for a year with the Indian passport. Visitors can only drive small motor vehicles and motorcycles according to certain rules which are followed at this destination.

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Norway Road

Norway is another destination where your Indian license is valid and can let you drive in Norway for 3 months from the date of entry. Moreover, it is advised to the visitors to keep their international driver's license with them always.

United States of America

United States of America Roads

90 percent of the states in USA allows the visitors to drive with an Indian driver's license for whole one year but it should be valid and in English. Further, after one year it is required for you to have US driver's license for further driving. Plus you have to carry one more document which is form I-94 which will justify the date on which you have entered in United States.

New Zealand

New Zealand Road

Drive in New Zealand with your Indian driver's license for whole one year but you should have an official translation which should be approved by the New Zealand Transport Agency. Apart from this, there is one more condition which says that you can rent the car only if you are 21 years old.


Switzerland Road

Roar on the roads of the beautiful Swiss Alps and admire the surrounding views, drive in Switzerland with your Indian driver license and go on a long drive in a foreign land with your loved ones.


France Road

Like some other famous destinations mentioned above, France also allows the visitors to drive with the help of Indian driver’s license, given you should also carry its French translation along. France, is another international destination where you can drive with Indian license for a year.


Australia Roads

Visitors from other countries can drive on the roads of the New South Wales, South Australia, Queensland and the Australian Capital Territory without any hassle by using the appropriate and valid Indian license. Further in northern Australia you can only drive for 3 months with Indian driver's license.

South Africa

South Africa Road

South Africa is another famous destination which accepts any valid driver's license but it should have the photograph and the signature of the holder on the license. Further, you might need an international driver's license if you are opting to hire the vehicle from a vehicle hire company.



This destination is blessed with stunning skyscrapers to rugged beige deserts. It is another international destination where Indians can drive with their Indian license. The recommended route for driving in UAE with Indian visa is from Dubai to Liwa. Moreover, to enjoy driving in UAE, you need your license language ‘English’ and you also have to carry International Driving Permit.



Mauritius is a gorgeous destination and is a small island which you can actually cover in a single day. It is one of the stunning destination where you can drive with Indian driving license as long as your license is valid and is in English. Moreover, while driving with Indian license in Mauritius, make sure you carry your International driving permit.



Italy is a scenic destination and one of the famous international tourist destination which allows Indians to drive with license. However, if you’re willing to drive at this destination you need to carry an International driving permit.



It is another destination wher the Indian tourists can drive a car. The only thing required to drive in Canada is the driving license in English and IDP (International Driver’s Permit).

Hong Kong

Hong Kong

In this marvelous and fun-filled destination Indian’s can easily drive with a valid Indian driving license. However, you have to fulfill all the required formalities to drive in Hong Kong with Indian license and you should posses a valid driver’s license.

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