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Are you Ready for the Famous Pushkar Fair 2017? Know Some Interesting Facts

25 Oct 2017

Pushkar the Enticing Town of Fairs & Festivities

Pushkar Fair 2017

Pushkar is one of the stunning and oldest cities in India and it is nestled in the northwest of Ajmer. This gorgeous city of Pushkar is a famous destination amongst the thousands of tourists and devotees who prefer to visit the city during the famous Pushkar Fair which is going to start from 23rd October till November 2017. If you too want to be a part of this popular fair then book Puskar holiday package soon from EaseMyTrip and experience the charm and spark of this fair.

What is Pushkar Camel Fair?

Pushkar Camel Fair

Pushkar Camel Fair is a popular and fascinating annual festival which is held in Pushkar every year. Initially it was started to draw local livestock traders to do business during the Hindu month of Kartik which marks its beginning with the new moon in November. It is one of a kind fair in the entire world and it has two major components; livestock trading and flamboyant carnival after the first five days. Currently, it is one of the famous and popular fair amongst the locals and travelers who visits Pushkar from all the way just to witness the immense culture traditions.

Pushkar Camel Fair Dates: 28th October – 4th November 2017

Events One Can Enjoy in Pushkar Fair

Pushkar Fair Events

• Here at this fair one can witness over 20,000 dolled up and shaved camels from different parts of Rajasthan. These camels take part in camel races, amusing camel beauty contests and one can also take a relaxing ride on them. There is one more competition in which tests how the camel is able to bring items. Moreover, you can also witness the bargaining skills of the camel traders.

Longest Moustache

• Bridal competition and longest moustache contest also takes place after the 5th day. The marvelous Pushkar fair also welcomes weird and interesting competitions in which longest moustache contest is one which is quite famous amongst the locals and tourists. The bridal competition is another major attracting thing in which foreign young women all dolled up in traditional bridal dresses compete for the most stunning brides to be.

Brahma Temple

• On the final day of the fair devotees take the holy dip in Lake Pushkar and visit the popular Brahma temple of Pushkar. Lake Pushkar is the heart of this stunning city and is surrounded by 52 bathing ghats which become extremely crowded at the last day (full moon day) of the Pushkar Camel Fair. It is because the devotees take the dip in Lake Pushkar to wash away the deadly sins before they visit the Brahma Temple.

Pushkar Mela

• Tourists planning to visit this fair can come across myriad of other events in the festival ground which includes fortune telling, vibrant folk music, dances, acrobatics, an exhibition cricket match that invites the foreign visitors to challenge the local Pushkar club etc. Tourists can also shop for local souvenirs from the stalls which are set up during the festival.