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Antarctica Calling: First –Ever Indian Cruise to Set Sail in December and You Cannot Miss It!

25 Jul 2017
First Indian Cruise to Antarctica

A trip to Antarctica is something that always remains on top of every traveller’s bucket list and imagine when we say that the first Indian ship is all set to take you there?

First Indian Cruise to Antarctica-2

A Mumbai based Luxury Travel Company has announced its plans to take a luxury yacht ‘Le Soleal’ with 200 voyagers to the farthest continent in the world. Although everyone is welcome but, only few with heavy purses can actually afford it.

Rajma Chawal

The journey will commence around 9th -19th December 2017 from Ushuaia in Argentina with Michelin starred Chef Atul Kochhar aboard, special food ingredients specially brought in from the UK And the very favourite- Rajma Chawal for those who want to have something Indian.
Travelers will be sailing on the grand explorer ship, a 460 foot machines consisting of 132 staterooms and suites.

First Indian Cruise to Antarctica-3

Considering the conditions of the Antarctica, the rules and regulations for the people travelling are very clear and strict. The one major rule of the continent is ‘to take nothing and leave nothing’. So, to abide by the rules the passengers have to clean up and do vacuuming every time they deboard so as to not carry germs to the other place.

First Indian Cruise to Antarctica-4

Vasim Shaikh, founder of The Q Experiences, who was in Antarctica earlier this year, remembers, for instance, how a young guide once spotted and picked up a single strand of hair from the endless sheets of white.
And to make the experience more memorable, safe and insightful, there will be researchers, guides and experts who will accompany the passengers’ during this journey of a lifetime.

First Indian Cruise to Antarctica-5

All kinds of people from all over the world, from solo travelers to adventure lovers to families, everyone can join the journey. The trip is planned to be taken under the cost of Rs.7 lakh from Buenos Aires. So, are you ready?

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