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Planning for Dubai? Get Ready to Drive in Air With Flying Taxi Soon To Be Launched in July

06 April 2017

There will be no one who has not found himself stuck in a big traffic and wondered about flying. Well, the day might not be that far away. Dubai city transport officials have claimed that as early as July this year, you will be able to travel via personal cabs which will fly you over the traffic and get you to your desired location.

A Village Where Everyone Owns a Plane-2

The drones are manufactured by Chinese firm Ehang and will be able to carry a single passenger with a small suitcase and fly up to 30 minutes on a single battery charge.

A Village Where Everyone Owns a Plane-3

Made with advanced navigation technology, these passenger drones will be able to operate within 40 to 40 kilometers. The drones will be integrated with auto-piloted, directed and monitored via a remote Command center.

A Village Where Everyone Owns a Plane-4

The promotional video launched by the Roads and Transport Authority,will give you a clear idea of how things will going to be.

A Village Where Everyone Owns a Plane-5

As per the video, a rider would need to add a destination on a touch screen in front of the seat. The drone would then map a route and automatically fly to the set destination, while being remotely monitored by a ground control room.

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The drone has been Successfully tested in Dubai’s skies and is likely to be launched as early as July 2017, according to officials.

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