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First Michelin Star to A Street Hawkar In Singapore

05 December 2016

Michelin star is one of the most honorary appreciation given to the chefs and restaurant owners. Think about what will happen when a usual street hawker is awarded such a respectable honour,Yes. It will surely going to create a buzz.

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"Hong Kong Soya Sauce Chicken Rice And Noodle" made history when it became one of the first street food stands in the world to be awarded a Michelin star.

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The Food of the stall was so good that it attracted the attention of the Michelin inspectors. It was that perfect taste they needed to take the right decision and make the place what it is now.

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Mr. Chan Hon Meng is the owner of the stall and does all the cooking by himself. He also has two other assistants who help him manage the work. This small store offers the food at the same prices it used to do earlier irrespective of this huge achievement.

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One can enjoy the mouthwatering food at an affordable price of about Rs. 130 per meal.

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