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Experience the Underwater World with Best Oceanariums Around the World

Experience the underwater world with best Oceanariums around the world
If you're that water baby who simply cannot get enough of the water, be it performing the water activities or to experiencing the bliss witnessing the marine life, then you should think about going to one of these famous Oceanariums exhibiting much more than you could expect including - shows, rides and marine life with a much closer insight, there's a lot to see and do, no matter when you go.

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Location: San Diego, USA
A place which everyone must have heard about it is located in San Diego. This famous Oceanariums not only famous in USA but around the globe and can be found at several places across the USA. The place is the finest destination to experience the world of underwater living beings. The San Diego location features killer and beluga whales as well as varieties of polar bears, dolphins, walruses, and penguins.
Do not overlook: Enjoy the playful activities of penguins here.


Location: Rome, Italy
One should come to Rome this time for not discovering what you already had but to have the thrilling experience of water life happening inside the Zoomarine Oceanariums consisting of swimming pools, Water Park and the acrobatic dances by the animals of the place. There's also a Zoomarine in the Algarve, Portugal.
Do not overlook: The dolphin performing in the show


Location: Lisbon, Portugal
People visit Lisbon with a motive of exploring a famous city, irrespective of knowing that there is much more to this place than one can expect, do check out the underwater life that oceanarium offers to you. It has a diverse collection fish and mammals from across the world. Some of the most popular attractions are the stingrays, sharks, turtles, octopuses, crustaceans, and puffins.
Do not overlook: One should check out Otters and seabirds in here.

Underwater World

Underwater World
Location: Singapore
It is a place which has got lot of wildlife all around the region only because of it being a home to several natural parks and reserves. Go on experiencing more of it with the place called Underwater World, which is a home to a good number of stingrays, eels, sharks and turtles. However, the most popular attraction is the Dolphin Lagoon.
Do not overlook: Experience Dolphin Lagoon here, where there are pink, Indo-Pacific Humpbacks.

Sea Life Centre

 Sea Life Centre
Location: Sussex, England
Do not overlook: Spot octopus as well as a stunning species of jellyfish known as the mood jellyfish.

Aquarium of Genoa

Aquarium of Genoa
Where: Genoa, Italy
This oceanarium is one of the finest and largest from Europe, filled with stunning sights. The place gives you an opportunity to have the experience of marine life from a closer way with the variety of water animals living peaceful like their own ecosystem in the aquarium. The place offers family tickets where you can go with your whole family and enjoy spending the quality tie with the water animals.
Do not overlook: crocodiles, snakes, turtles frogs, penguins and Banggai cardinal fish, jellyfish Molluscs, dolphins.


Location: Niagara Falls, USA
A journey to Niagra Falls makes you satisfied in its own way yet there is something that could add more charm to your tour, visit Marineland – a home where different kinds of water animals live including walruses, dolphins, sea lions etc. the place is perfect to make you understand the living pattern of water animals around their ecosystem.
Do not overlook: Enjoy spotting Beluga Whale, a perfect place to catch a glimpse of the splendid creature and a golden opportunity to even feed them.

Ocean Park

Ocean Park
Location: Hong Kong, China
Travel to china to experience full fledged water theme park with activities including such as roller coaster presents there. The major attraction of the place is the ocean theatre where you get to witness the dolphins playing in the area and people enjoying the scene. The place has got some cute panda bears.
Do not overlook: Make sure you visit the Ocean Theatre to see playful dolphins in the area, performing magnificent tricks at this oceanarium!


Location: Istanbul, Turkey
The place is a home to various fur seals, beluga whales and other various water animals. Dolphinarium has become what is today since a video of its sea lions playing with a saxophone was released on the internet. Enjoy the experience of a lifetime while visiting to this huge Oceanarium.
Do not overlook: don't forget to witness the sea lions, trained to play various instruments.

Manila Ocean Park

Manila Ocean Park
Location: Manila, Philippines
Those who ever traveled to Manila and has not explored this watery place; they surely have missed out a great experience but never mind, as you can this time now. The place has an underwater tunnel that lets visitors to have the experience of marine life from a closer way. This is the perfect oceanarium to travel for, if you're looking for a full day of fun activity.
Do not overlook:sea lion show happening daily and mandarin fish.

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