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A Village Where Everyone Owns a Plane

05 April 2017
A Village Where Everyone Owns a Plane

Will you be excited to know that there is a village where everyone owns their own plane? It is something unbelievable for people like you and us who always book flight tickets online for traveling to one place from another. But, it is completely true. Spruce Creek, in Northeast Florida, located some miles away from Daytona Beach, is that exclusive residential community of the world.

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Popularly recognized as a residential airpark or a fly-in community, Spruce Creek consists of about 5,000 inhabitants, 1,300 homes and 700 hangars that enjoy an exceptional life in this amazingly classified village centered on a private airfield.

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Residents of Spruce Creek reside in a close community and most of them are professional pilots. You can find them talking in aviation jargon. Other professionals of this location are doctors, lawyers and land speculators. Not matters what profession they have, all are crazy about aviation. On every Saturday morning, they gather next to the runway and fly to one of the local airports in groups of three for having breakfast. This is a tradition that is called as Saturday Morning Gaggle by them.

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In place of having a garage, maximum homes in Spruce Creek have connected hangar, and the driveway leads directly to a 4,000X150 foot runway with GPS approach. The driveways of these homes in the village are dotted with planes.

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There is an 18-hole golf course in this village, where teeing off can be really risky due to the low-flying planes. Other significant things on streets of this village are flying clubs, rental aircraft and flight training, and 24-hour patrolled security. If you are one of those whose lives move around airplanes, Spruce Creek is a heaven for you.

The cost of the property in the village may range from 100,000 pounds for a small condo to millions of pounds for a mansion.