Dubai to Open a Hotel with Rainforest in the Desert

12 September 2016
dubai rainforest project

The rich city of Dubai is home to the tallest building and the largest shopping mall of the world. It is also known for indoor ski slopes and most spectacular fountains and a lot more. Dubai is the world's leader in terms of displaying richness and luxury. And very soon, Dubai is going to open the world's first artificial jungle in a 5-star hotel, which will be a true rainforest in this unusual metropolis and desert.

rosemont hotel dubai

Interweaving advanced planning, latest digital technology and a natural ambiance, The Rosemont Hotel & Residences by ZAS Architects is the first of its kind ultra-comfort elegant resort destination. The lavish destination is meant to take the word "extravagance" to a complete new level. This rich building is going to be the first one on the planet to have an indoor rainforest besides 448 lavishly appointed guest rooms and 280 fully furnished apartments. The hotel features all the characteristics of Arabian luxury with a beamed, glass-bottomed infinity pool, gaming suites, bowling alley, private spa, disco and robotic luggage handlers. The rainforest will be situated above the entertainment floor of the hotel and it will be open air as well as accessible for not only the hotel guests but residents as well as outsiders.

rainforest hotels in Dubai

The rainforest will have dense trees and canopies through which, some sunrays will be coming. A rainforest needs something that is difficult to get in the desert - water. To manage the level of humidity in jungle, the hotel will use recycled water acquired from the condensation. This way, the mist coming down from the trees will turn the air cold. . 

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The total area of the rainforest is 75,000 feet² and it will also include a splash pool and a stream along with indoor adventure trails winding through the faux forest. To harmonize the beauty of the rainforest, an indoor beach will be also there although the beach will be without sand just to enhance its beauty.
The resort will be completed till December, 2018. You can book Dubai holiday packages from EaseMyTrip.