Astonishing Deserted Subway Station Which is Hidden under NYC

27 October 2016

New York is a famous international destination and this destination is always receive lime light again and again because of its vibrant and bustling life, exposure, attractions, fashion and career opportunities. There are many interesting facts associated with NYC but what if we tell you that there is a hidden subway which you might not be aware of. Yes, it’s 100% true. Go through the stunning pictures of that abandoned subway mentioned below.


Be Ready to Get Startled!

This subway station was regarded as the most luxurious subway station and was opened in the year 1904. The idea behind the construction of this subway was to commemorate New York’s great transit system. The whole plan was executed by paying keen attention to detail.


According to the sources, this subway station would have turned into the original Southern terminus of the main line of Manhattan but it didn’t work out and hence it had to be closed. 


Passengers usually have to get off at the famous Brooklyn Bridge before it goes to the terminus. Further, when the station was built, it looked really amazing with well execution including curved platforms. However, later the platform appears to be a big failure for the functionality of the newer cars.


To go a bit deep about the station, this station was closed in the year 1945 but it was not demolished.


Moreover, it is not easy to get in and explore this station even for the regular New Yorker. You need to have a NY Transit Museum membership to get in and explore the charm of this hidden subway station.


It is a major reason many tourists and even the locals don’t know much about this station.


This New York subway station is reputed as the most beautiful subway station because of the details by which this station was built. The station includes gorgeous chandeliers and oak furnishings which makes this station truly stunning. Explore this station and add some more memories in your travel experience.