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15 Weird and Unusual Hotels in the World that Lure Tourists for Staying Here

01 December 2016
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The words amazing, unusual and weird have special appeal for everyone. There are many unique things in the world that that amaze people with their exclusivity and unusualness. If you also love to explore strange places and don't mind staying there, then explore the list of the most incredible hotels in the world. These hotels provide the guests not only lavish facilities, but also astonish them with their amazing architectures. If you are looking for staying at unusual place or willing to experience something special, these hotels offer you perfect stay.

Treehotel, Harads, Sweden

Treehotel Harads Sweden

Situated in the pine forests of Harads, Treehotel is comprised of 6 exclusive tree rooms (more are planned to open in the near future). These tree rooms include the glass capsule-like Cabin, the realistic Bird's Nest, the astonishing Mirror cube and the UFO. It also houses a Tree Sauna.

No Man's Fort, Solent

No Man's Fort Solent

No Man's Fort is one of the most isolated and unique venues in UK. The largest of our three amazing venues, it is a perfect place for a show stopping banquet, wedding and house party. Through the stunning glass roof of the entrance hall, one can enjoy the stunning views of the stars. Stay here for an unparallel panoramic view and enjoy the charming beauty and spectacular seascape.

The Dog Bark Park Inn, Idaho, USA

The Dog Bark Park Inn Idaho USA

If you are a dog lover, The Dog Bark Park Inn will take to a whole new world. The place is owned by chainsaw artists Dennis and Frances and situated inside a 12-foot beagle. This ground-breaking place is basically a bed & breakfast guesthouse where guests can enter into the Beagle through a private second story floor. Inside the guesthouse, there are dog-shaped decorative items and chic furnishing.

Magic Mountain Hotel, Chile

Magic Mountain Hotel Chile

Located in the Hulio Hulio Reserve, Magic Mountain Hotel is another unique hotel located amidst the natural hot springs and unexplored lakes. Accommodation in the hotel ranges from rooms in the main gatehouse, which also has a waterfall falling from the peak of the roof, to isolated forest lodges. The place is as unique as amazing.

V8 Hotel, Stuttgart, Germany

V8 Hotel Stuttgart Germany

This place is simply paradise for the car fanatics. V8 Hotel in Stuttgart features exclusive rooms for staying, which are themed around the automobile. Its accommodation features vintage cars, racing equipments and drive-through cinemas. The hotel gives an incredible staying experience.

Das Park Hotel, Linz, Austria

Das Park Hotel Linz Austria

Have you ever thought concrete can be a place for relaxing? Das Park Hotel will make you think about it. Comprised of renovated sewage pipes and located on the banks of Danube, Das Park Hotel is another weird place for the travelers looking for a special overnight stay.

Oil Rig Capsule Hotel, Netherlands

Oil Rig Capsule Hotel Netherlands

Despite being one of the most incomprehensible places to stay, Oil Rig Capsule Hotel is another addition in the list of the most unusual hotels in the world. While staying in this capsule hotel, you can enjoy that low view in the water that is really different than being on a boat.

Sheraton Huzhou Hot Spring Resort, Huzhou, China

Sheraton Huzhou Hot Spring Resort Huzhou China

Sheraton Huzhou Hot Spring Resort is nicknamed as the 'Doughnut Hotel' and shaped like a magnet. It is comprised of 27 floors above the water and enjoys luxury trimmings with a lobby paved with White Jade. The hotel is not only unique in shape but luxuriously appointed as well.

Inntel Zaandam, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Inntel Zaandam Amsterdam Netherlands

The unique hotel is comprised of a wonderful façade that is made up of almost 70 stacked houses, including laborers' cottages and town houses. Rooms of this hotel are inspired with local history and feature a spa with pool. One can also enjoy here Turkish steam bath and Finnish sauna. Isn't this place great?

Crazy Bear, Beaconsfield, UK

Crazy Bear Beaconsfield UK

The Crazy Bear is another incredible hotel that features unique rooms inspired from the Moulin Rouge, Las Vegas and planet Mars. Other strange features of this hotel are its staircase that is festooned with foliage painted in 24-carat gold leaf, Persian pony skin on bar walls, drenched chandeliers and an eerie mirrored chill-out room. In fact, the toilets are intentionally unmarked.

The Hobbit Motel, Waitomo, New Zealand

The Hobbit Motel Waitomo New Zealand

If you think that a motel is always spiritless, then the Hobbit Motel in New Zealand is going to break all your presumptions. Its "Lord of The Rings" inspired rooms enjoy homely charms ideal for aficionadas of hobbits. The motel is a wonderful place to stay for exclusivity seekers.

Amangiri, Utah, USA

Amangiri Utah USA

One of the most lavish hotels in the list of weird places to stay, Amangiri Resort is strikingly unusual and relaxing. Located deep inside the Canyon Point, the hotel enjoys spectacular setting in charming surroundings. Luxuries offered in the hotel are above comparison and staying experiences are simply unparalleled.

Hang Nga Guesthouse, Da Lat, Vietnam

Hang Nga Guesthouse Da Lat Vietnam

Commonly known as 'Crazy House', Hang Nga Guesthouse is shaped like a fairytale building and attracts the attention of the visitors. The overall design of this building is meant to look like a tree. The rooms of the hotel are based on an animal theme.

El Cosmico, Texas, USA

El Cosmico Texas USA

Located in Marfa Texas, El Cosmico portrays itself as a 'nomadic hotel'. Accommodation options in this hotel are shaped like vintage motors, safari tents, teepees and campsites. These themes are simply awesome for enjoying a unique type of stay.

Can Sleep, Lake Skanderborg, Denmark

Can Sleep Lake Skanderborg Denmark

Located on the striking shores of Lake Skanderborg, Can Sleep is something that you would love to visit even if you can't stay here for any reason. The uniqueness and originality attract the visitors for staying here. It has become a popular tourist destination where one can enjoy scenic forests, incredible local views and stay near lake.