Sattenapalle Railway Station Detail

Station Code






Sattenapalle Railway Station Phone Number


First Train

SC TVC SPL 15:41

Last Train

SC TVC SPL 15:41

Train Frequency Weekly


No of Platform


Sattenapalle Railway Station Overview

Sattenapalle is one of the most crucial railway stations in India that has a station code name of SAP. As a leading platform under the central district, it’s considered as the busiest station and it serves as the major transportation hub. At present, approximately 1 trains passess through the SAP in total. The Sattenapalle offers every traveller with a vast range of facilities, such as availability of ticket counters, food halls, sanitised washrooms, restrooms, ticket counters and access to various transportation modes. With these services, the Sattenapalle aims to provide comfortable and relaxing experiences to the travellers. Overall, the station is well-connected with other cities also, making it easier to reach the destination. So, if you’re ready to start your railway trip, then book your online train tickets with EaseMyTrip and have the best travel experience on your journey.

Frequently Asked Questions
Q.How Many no of Platforms are there in Sattenapalle Railway Station?

A. There are 0 platforms in Sattenapalle.

Q.What is station code forSattenapalle railway station?

A. SAP is the station code for Sattenapalle.

Q.What is The Number of Trains Leaving from Sattenapalle Railway Station in A Week?

A.There are 1 trains leaving from Sattenapalle in a week.

Q. Which Is First Train Starts from Sattenapalle Railway Station?

A.First train that deaprts from Sattenapalle SC TVC SPL 15:41.

Q.Which is last train terminating on Sattenapalle railway Station?

A.Last train that terminating on Sattenapalle SC TVC SPL 15:41