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About Saudi Arabia

Saudi is the largest country in the Arabian Peninsula that's prominently known as the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It is a rich cultural land which is dripping with historical, natural and architectural beauty. The formation and rise of this region date back thousands of years and call back to the rise of the Islamic religion and its effects. You can not only find the most cosmopolitan and modern of cities but you can also see strong adherence to religion and roots.

The formation of this country dates back to the foundation of Islam by the Prophet during the 7th century at Mecca. The strong historical influences can still be seen in cities like Riyadh and Medina. Tourists can explore the many museums and historical sites to truly understand the events that led to today.

In addition to its rich history, Saudi Arabia is also known for its diverse and alluring landscapes. It is home to the Empty Quarter which is a name given to the largest continuous sand desert in the world, the Rub' al Khali desert. The coastlines along the Arabian Gulf and Red Sea offer gorgeous beaches with crystal clear waters and golden shores. Therefore, if you want to soak in the awe-inspiring charm of the city, then book your Saudi tour package with EaseMyTrip now for crafting unforgettable memories.

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My journey through Saudi Arabia was nothing short of extraordinary.The seamless blend of history and modernity, coupled with the amazing trip plan of EaseMyTrip made my journey truly special.
Avani Joshi, Kolkata
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From the UNESCO-listed Madain Saleh to the vibrant Souq Al Zal in Riyadh, I visited every place to visit ancient and contemporary and made this journey a captivating exploration that pleasantly surprised me.
Zara Bansal, Delhi
Totally Mind-Blowing Journey
The authenticity of experiences. Traditional tea ceremonies and exploration of Al-Balad district, made this trip unforgettable.The genuine hospitality of the locals turned my journey into a personal connection. All thanks to EaseMyTrip.
Vivaan Khanna, Gujrat
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