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"True home of Arabia"

Thronged with diverse terrains, Saudi Arabia is one of the ultimate adventure destinations that empowers visitors to explore famous outdoor activities. Here, everyone can discover endless opportunities and escape the ordinary by tapping into the wild side in this exhilarating paradise.

As a true home of Arabia, this destination consists of an Empty Quarter which stands out as one of the largest continuous sand deserts in the world. Here travellers go off-roading in the desert, travel on dirt, quad or bikes and unfold the wadis amidst the charming valleys.

In Saudi, travel enthusiasts indulge in thrilling adventure sports like snorkelling, driving in the MDL Beast Formula 1 Race and trying Hot Air Balloons with loved ones. People even partake around Al-Ula and Riyadh, where you can find dunes up to 200 metres to speed downhill from. Rock climbers can also test their skills on the many trails that are fit for newbies as well as seasoned climbers.

Apart from this, hiking, skydiving, kitesurfing and paragliding are other exciting alternative activities, which everyone must try for an immersive travel experience. Cave exploration is another very enjoyable and unique activity you should undertake in this region for an amazing odyssey.

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