Top Cities in Saudi Arabia

"True home of Arabia"

Saudi Arabia is the most popular tourist attraction amongst travel fanatics as the destination itself comprises many interesting locales, cities and neighbourhoods that are worth visiting. Here's a list of which features the best.

  • Riyadh : The glorious capital of Saudi Arabia, symbolising the perfect blend of ancient traditions and modern charms. The city presently features the tallest skyscrapers, the majestic Al Faisaliah Centre and the National Museum. Hidden under the modern facade, the city also has tourist sites like the Al-Masmak Palace and Masmak Fortress, where you can unfold history.
  • Jeddah: Sitting along the Red Sea's crystal-clear waters, Jeddah is another jewel of Saudi that intrigues travellers from across the globe. The city is known for its picturesque Corniche, and ancient Al-Balad, a famous UNESCO Heritage site with unique coral architecture.
  • AlUla: Nestled in the northwestern region, AlUla is an ancient desert oasis, where majestic sandstone mountains meet lush green valleys. It’s an architectural wonder where travellers can marvel at Elephant Rock and experience the tranquillity of this untouched natural wonder.
  • Dammam and Khobar: Situated on the Eastern coast, Daman & Khobar are the major twin cities where hospitality and vibrant cultural heritage await you. To have an immersive travel experience, you can visit the stunning Dammam Museum, shop at Al Rashid Mall, and enjoy water sports on Half Moon Bay.
  • Medina: Walk in the footsteps of prophets in this sacred city, home to Islam's second-holiest site. Visit Al-Masjid an-Nabawi Mosque, explore Madina Museum and immerse yourself in Islamic history and culture.
  • Mecca: The spiritual epicentre of the Islamic Religion, Mecca is one of the most visited pilgrimage sites all over the world. Perform Umrah or Hajj at Masjid al-Haram Mosque, visit Jabal al-Noor Cave, and experience spiritual enlightenment in this sacred destination.
  • Abha: Known as Saudi Arabia's summer capital, Abha is a nature lover's paradise that’s nestled in Asir National Park. For adventurous journeys, voyagers can hike through scenic trails, visit Abha Dam Lake, and marvel at Aseer Fort's stunning architecture.
  • Aseer: Aseer, the cultural heart of Saudi stands out as one of the captivating destinations that offer diverse attractions. Here wanderers can discover scenic waterfalls, Abu Kheyal Park, Al Muftaha Art Village and other sites to get a glimpse of tribal customs.
  • Taif: Visit Saudi Arabia's City of Roses, famous for its rose oil production. Explore Taif Museum, stroll through Shubra Palace gardens, celebrate the delightful Souq Okaz festival and enjoy breathtaking views from Mount Dakka.
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