Worlds Most Striking Flower Festivals

EaseMyTrip September 14, 2022


Flowers festivals are celebrated all over the year, showcasing the different varieties of flowers along with the incorporation of fun and entertainment. Amalgamation of beauty and cultures these festivals provide an unforgettable travel experience to the visitors. Below is the list of famous flower festivals in the world.



Locations: Zundert , Netherlands
This parade is organized in many different towns of Netherlands and Belgium where cars, boats and floats are stunningly decorated and covered in flowers. Every parade has a unique theme, charm and character. Zundert holds the largest parade of flowers in the world, where the large artworks are created and decorated with dahlias and thousands of other flowers. The older people of the place are often responsible for dahlias growing in the region, while the younger ones build the glide in large temporary tents, constructed especially for the event.

Jersey Battle of Flowers


Location: United Kingdom
Happened on the second Thursday of August, the Jersey battle of flowers is an annual carnival organized in the channel island of Jersey. This festival presents dancers, funfair, majorettes and flower floats alongside various streets entertainers. The parade ends with stunning display of fireworks.

Spalding Flower Parade


Location: South Holland, Lincolnshire
This parade was initiated as the jubilee of King George 5th and Queen Mary in 1935 and mainly used tulips. With the following years the event grew more wide where the entire week was dedicated to the beauty of tulips and that's how 'tulip week' was came into being, a walking tour designed to show the best growers of tulip in the area. The very first official parade was started in 1959, which displayed various varieties of beautifully decorated floats. Within a few years the parade has attracted worldwide attention.

Genzano Infiorata Flower Festival


Location: Italy
Every year in the month of June, local artist filled the entire street of Belardo with flowery carpet pattern inspired from famous paintings, religious arts and shapes. For more than two centuries since 1778, on Sunday and Monday, Infiorata—the most suggestive demonstration of art, pride of the artists of Genzano—has taken place. Each year artists' proposals must agree to a previously decided theme, simply like 'The Colours of Michelangelo' or 'The Designs of Bernini'. The designed space stays for two full days. On the third day, schoolchildren are given the freedom to enjoy the plucking of flowers.

Brussels Flower Carpet


Location: Brussels, Belgium
This special is organized on every two years. During the event, a long laid carpet is stretched out on the main square in front of the Brussels in front of the city hall. All are allowed to witness the flowery carpet but for those who want to have better looking can pay some amount to go up one of the neighboring building for a perfect view.

Valencia Batalla de Flores


Location: Valencia, Spain
The festival is celebrated in Spain to mark the end of the long Feria de Julio - month. Batalla de Flores is an ancient traditional festival of different culture and entertainment fiesta, where the long parade is started with huge and stunning floats pulled by the horses and the young girls dressed up in the pre decided theme. After the floats make couple of rounds, then the battle breaks out. People watching along with the float members throw flowers at each other and enjoy. The girls even use a tennis rackets to defend that attack.

Ventimiglia Battaglia di Fiori


Location: Ventimiglia, Italy
This battle of flowers happen every second year in Ventimiglia. The festival is celebrated in the most extravagant manner, where the floats are made are decorated entirely with the various varieties of water. Those floats roam around the town for two days, the first day happens as a night parade with food, dancing and music and the second day, the floats are revamped and touched up making it ready for the next day. In the second day of the parade, the communities along with the bands and the dancers come out on the street and then the point arrives where everybody starts showering the flowers on each other.

Medellin Feria de las Flores


Location: Columbia
This flower event takes place in the city of Medellin where the week long schedule is planned and organized including the popular parade of silleteros. This flower parade symbolizes the end of slavery. Since then the event has been expanded where events have been added like the classic automobiles parade, International Pageant of the Flowers and the cavalcade among others.

Pasadena Rose Parade


Location: Pasadena, California
On every New Year's Day, the festival is organized with flower decorated floats, rose bowl games and marching bands enjoying the parade. The parade is watched by thousands of people and even gets broadcast on different television networks in the United States. Apart from bands performing music, there happens to be a beauty queen contest and a horse parade too.

Chiang Mai Flower Festival


Location: Chiang Mai, Thailand
This flower festival is organized on the first weekend of February. The town becomes so beautiful that everywhere you get the glimpses of yellow, white chrysanthemums, and the Damask rose. The center of this festival is the community garden of Suan Buak Haad on the south western corner of the moat where Dancers in traditional shining costumes perform Thai dances and the people taking part in the flower parade hand out roses to spectator

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