Top Excuses that You Can Use to Go on Vacations

Hruditya Mohan May 16, 2023

Top Excuses that You Can Use to Go on Vacations

Have you ever made silly excuses for not being able to travel with your friends? If yes, then avoid it. Instead emphasise more on finding concrete and concise excuses to travel, especially when you are a travel enthusiast. It’s been witnessed that nowadays the workload is significantly increasing, due to which people are feeling stuck, stressed and strained. 

The arrival of constant tensions and such situations will always trigger us no matter what. However, you can still dodge the bullets with our top excuses that you can use to go on vacations. With these personally curated mantras, you can easily travel to your dream attraction and hover around with your family. 

Moreover, you will feel energised, elated and euphoric throughout the journey and after the journey. So, without wasting a minute let’s plunge into these best excuses through which you can unlock enthralling vacations. 


I Need Mental Peace & Break


Working incessantly without any entertainment or relaxing experience can make anyone feel burnout. Consequently, individuals require specially dedicated time and rest to recover effectively. So, when you think that you helped the company in achieving its goal during the boiling point. 

Then make sure to get your reward from the firm in the form of long vacations. Just simply say that I need mental peace & break from these official tasks as personal reasons for vacation leave. Through this, you can travel favourite destinations, feel invigorated and come back with unrivalled zeal. 

I want to Spend Some Quality Time Family


Life isn’t worth living if you’re unable to relish cherishing moments with your spouse, family and friends. Especially those who stay abroad, can understand and feel the evoked emotion of separation. Hence, if you are feeling these emotions and haven’t seen your family for a long time. 

Then, this is an awesome opportunity to go to your hometown and enjoy extended vacations. Explain that you are dying to visit your family in your hometown to spend time and fabricate unforgettable memories with them. 


I am Bored with My Monotonous Routine 


This excuse is one of the most perfect personal leave reasons that every travel freak can try as a blessing in disguise. People often feel bored and stuck while following the same routine every day without any transitions in life. 

Thus, it becomes necessary to engage in some adrenaline-rushing activities to broaden horizons. And travelling to the best offbeat places can be one of the escapes which individuals can try. So, this is the most common justification that people give nowadays to explore various tourist attractions across the globe. 


I Have Some Personal Issues at Home


Relying on the planned duration of the trip, tourists can suggest personal leave reasons while depicting the seriousness of the condition. From having to attend any family function to support your spouse abroad and handling the children. 

You can simply use these easy yet effective excuses to travel anywhere around the world hassle-free. If your office colleagues are further considerate then off course you might receive approximately 3 months' leave. 


Now I am Having a Zoom Fatigue


The sudden outbreak of COVID-19 already prompted several firms to employ work-from-home (WFH) policies. Now, employees working remotely can feel the pain of being active on Zoom 24/7 to listen to irritating requirements or demands of clients. 

Thus, to avoid such letdowns you can say that you are having a zoom fatigue as one of the excuses to extend vacations. With this excuse, there are higher chances that you might get an official leave, in which you can travel to famous national destinations freely. 


My Partner/ Family Member is Not Well


The majority of the time, every travel fanatic tries to search for the best places to travel around the world. Still, your series of responsibilities acts as a major blockade that disables you to relish your dream vacations. 

In such scenarios, mostly, voyagers approach their gullible boss & make the excuse that one of the family members is severely ill. Now, this is the most powerful weapon that guarantees a long weekend. So, you can use it wisely to fulfil your hardcore wanderlust.


Just Be Upfront & Say I Going on a Trip


Well, let’s just be real that we human beings possess cunning and smart brains that we usually use to trick people sometimes. With the help of this clever brain, people craft a compelling and fake storyline so that they can go on long weekends. This sooner or later becomes a habit. 

So, we must understand that not all bosses are nutcrackers. Therefore, instead of making excuses, we should depend on certain circumstances or just be honest & transparent with the boss. You can simply say that I want a change and much-needed time to rejuvenate. 

Well, these are some of the brilliant excuses that you can use anytime anywhere to go on extended vacations after dealing with your managers. Employing these strategies effectively in the business world can help you to break the chain of your busy schedule. Further, you can enjoy a trip and quality time with your loved ones.

However, we must understand that at the end of the day, we all are humans and we constantly seek changes in our lives. So, remember to consider being honest & humble. Moreover, regardless of any silly excuse, just clearly deliver essential info about your vacation plans.


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