10 of the Most Amazing Places and Tours in India to Go with Your Best Friend

EaseMyTrip April 26, 2022

There is a popular proverb, ’A friend in need is a friend indeed’. All of us experience this at some stage of your life. You must have many friends but among them, one must be very special. He will be your best friend and with whom, you can share everything. He is the person who makes everything easier, more cheerful and energetic for you. Travelling with your best friend is a special thing and the most beautiful moments of your life. It doesn’t matter what is the climate or time, you will always have lots of fun by taking a journey with your best friend. Excitement, thrill and enjoyment are always guaranteed with best friends. Here is the list of the places where you can go with your best friends.

Chadar – The Frozen Trek

If you are walking on frozen ice with your best buddy, it will appear like a dream but it can be true on visit to Chadar. Trekking here is one of the most thrilling experiences that you will ever had in your life. The trek route connects the villages of Zanskar valley with the frozen Zanskar River. Feeling the stamina of the younger days and walking all the way with your best friend on the frozen ice is a lifetime experience. The altitude at this place is 11,123 feet and the trek begins here from a small village named Chilling. From this place, River Zanskar starts freezing. You may carry your tents and have great time with your best friend.

Manali - Leh Road Trip

The Manali-Leh road trip is an amazing trip that attracts people from all across India. Travelling with your best friend on motor bikes is an amazing experience that allows you feeling the fresh and cool breeze blowing against your body. The road trip motivates you to just move on and on. The thrilled aura and the natural diversity of Ladakh are your partners when you are heading towards it. While passing through the mountains and villages, you will come across the really warm locals and appreciate their simplicity and the beauty of the nature. The flourishing culture will appear more beautiful to you while being with your best friend.

River Rafting at Rishikesh

Moving fast like a whale in water surrounded by the lofty Garhwal hills and floating above the holy Ganges with your best friend are the best moments one can ever have. There are multitude options in Rishikesh that enhance your will to explore more and more. Rafting on the holy river gives you a peaceful feeling with much affection. The difficult and high waves of the Ganges demand strength to face them and moving forward towards the completion of your task. Facing the high grade rapids when you have your best friend with you doesn’t seem to be much difficult rather it becomes a thrilling experience to be remembered forever.

Jim Corbett Wildlife Safari

You must have visited malls and other cozy places with your best friend and all these things have definitely given you great joys and fun. But it’s time to share the wilderness and thrill with your best friend. Going for this thrilling wildlife safari at the Jim Corbett gives you an immense time to admire the different species of flora and fauna with so close. You will have both the feelings of thrill and enjoyment and the photography of the wild animals, the rush fact and the extent of excitement enhance with the fact that you are with your best friend. Corbett Park is an ultimate destination to visit with best friends.

Camel Safari at Pushkar

Pushkar is contemplated as one of the oldest cities in India. The mesmerizing palaces and the camel safari enhance the beauty of interesting stories related to Pushkar. There are almost 400 sanctuaries in this small place where enjoying a camel safari with your best friend will never let you feel low. You will have the energy to explore more and more. Resting in the Desert Camps at Pushkar and having a tour on camel are the best experiences you will have with your best friend.

Dharamsala, Himachal Pradesh

If you are looking for a tranquil place to explore and with your best friend, then you must head towards Dharamsala in Himachal Pradesh. The place is dotted with thick deodar trees and greenery. It is also an important destination with religious point of view of Buddhists. The cool sound of air, thick forests and the snowfall make the environment of Dharamsala more appealing. The place has everything for a perfect holiday trip with your best friend.

Spiti Valley

This lesser-known neighborhood of Ladakh is popularly recognized as ‘Little Tibet’. Spiti Valley is a desert mountain in the north-east part of Himachal Pradesh. The remarkable snow mountains and the fascinating panorama of the place are enthralling. You can have a hike here along with the snow leopard and can visit Wolf habitats and monasteries. The appealing culture and relishing cuisines of the place are very unique. Your experience to visit this place is enhanced when you come here with your best friend.

Auli, Uttarakhand

If your friend shows the signs of snow madness, this place in the Himalayas is the ideal one to take him/her. It is a lesser known ski destination that is identified for its lofty slopes surrounded by oak forests. You will have thrilling experience while skiing with your best friend in Auli. Camping is another great way to enjoy Auli with your buddy in the middle of snow over a bonfire and some beer. The place is home to the world’s highest artificial lake as well as Asia’s longest cable car. Despite of being lesser commercialized than other hill stations, it is an adventure spot to explore with your best friend.

Hampi, Karnataka

If your best friend is culturally inclined, he will be definitely fascinated with the ruins of the town and an evenly fascinating history. This small village is dotted with historical temples and provides a much needed serene and scenic escape from the bustles of the city. It is an awesome place to visit with your best friend forever.

Gangtok, Sikkim

If you have a crazy friend, then move to Gangtok and have crazy times. Everything is just great about Gangtok. You can come across duty free goods, duty free alcohol and the capital city of Sikkim. This place has something to offer for all, including adventure enthusiasts going for trekking, shopping enthusiasts, nature lovers and people seeking relaxation and fun. With several cafes, pubs, clubs and casinos, this may be a mini Las Vegas of India.

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