Most Unusual Festivals in India

Apoorva Shukla April 17, 2024

Incredible India... You all might have heard this term but today the below mentioned festivals are going to prove you that how India is incredible. In India there are many strange festivals and events taking place which can actually thrill anyone. These festivals can surely baffle understanding and cannot be explained to the world but for sure acts as a magnetic force which pulls the tourists from every corner to dive in the cultural trance of India. Spirituality has an important role in Indian culture which gave rise to the most unusual festivals in India. Below is the list of some festivals which will give you goose bumps for sure.

Thaipusam Festival in Tamil Nadu

Thaipusam festival in Tamil Nadu is celebrated by Tamil Hindus is an unusual spectacle if you are watching it for the first time in your life. This festival is celebrated in between January and February and it is celebrated to commemorate the occasion when Parvati give Murugan a spear to fight with the demon Soorapadman. Devotees who participate in this festival cleanse themselves through prayers and long days of fasting and later piercing their bodies. It is celebrated in Palani in Tamil Nadu and one can also experience the famous dance of South Indians; Cavadee Attam.

Puli Kali in Kerala

This peculiar event is the most popular festival in South India, Onam. Puli Kali is a form of music, art, drama on the theme of tiger hunting. In this festival performers are painted like tigers and hunters are painted with red, black and yellow color. They all enact their roles on the beats of Udukku and Thakil which are the instruments. Puli kali is nowadays celebrated with readymade masks and readymade dresses and it is organized by the Pulikkali co-ordination committee and held in Thrissur. It is one such festival with so much energy and pomp. This festival was originated 200 years back when maharaja of Cochin decided to celebrate Onam in a manner which will retrace the wild and macho spirit of the force. Visit these places to enjoy these unusual festivals in India and for best packages you can visit

Sume-Gelirak Festival in Odisha

This is the most important festival in Koraput in Odisha and it is a ten day festival which includes some ritualistic practices as well. The ritual include sacrificing animals and birds to please the tribal gods, liquor is also a significant part of Sume-Gelirak festival. This celebration is continues with several other activities as well like singing rural songs and dancing. At this time one can see the locals in traditional attires and the most amazing part of the celebration is that the females can choose their life partner while dancing and enjoying.

Animal Weddings in several Parts of India

This is a strange and unusual event in India and it is celebrated in many villages of India propitiating the rain god. This ritual is practiced in mostly villages of Meghalaya, Assam and Karnataka where you can observe weddings of dogs, donkeys and toads.

Agni Keli in Karnataka

This is an 8 day festival in Kateel Durga Parameswari Temple in Manglore. At the time of this festival traveler can watch hundreds of bare bodies of devotees hurl flaming palm fronds towards each other and the one who suffers with burns are then sprayed with water. It is celebrated in the month of April in Mangalore.

Made Made Snana in Karnataka

It is a practice in which lower caste people roll over leftover food and it can be witnessed in Kukke Subramania Temple. This practice is observed by lower caste people on the left food of Brahmins and they believe by doing so they can get rid of various ailments. This event has been linked with several controversies since 2010.


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