Discover 10 of the Most Expensive Cities to Live in the World

If you have adequate wealth for exploring the world, then living in a boring city can’t be your choice. And because you have sufficient funds, you must be willing to move into a place where time keeps moving. There are many places in the world where you would get so many things to do every day and you will never have the time to do everything. If you are an economical person, moving in to such destinations will grow a lust in you for life. Here, you will learn about the most expensive cities in the world where living comes at a high cost. Take a closer look at 10 of the most expensive cities where life gets a new meaning.

1. Hong Kong

If you want to live like a tycoon, make Hong Kong your next destination, but you need to be a millionaire prior to even consider for buying a property here. Here, the price of a property per square meter is the highest in the entire world. You will have to pay more than 25,000$ per m² to buy an apartment close to the city centre. A small 40 m² apartment may cost around $1,000,000. If you want to rent a property, don’t expect that also at cheap rates. A decent apartment costs you a monthly rental of more than $5,000 without furniture.

2. Zurich, Switzerland

Zurich is the largest city in Switzerland, which is also a global financial center. The city charms the visitors with its pleasant setting and numerous cultural treasures. It will make you fall in love the moment you land here. The city has some of the highest prices in the world that is only due to the people living here can afford them. They earn really good wages. If you decide to move there, checkout your bank balance as the world’s highest priced restaurants and other expensive things can give you a challenge.

3. Paris, France

No one needs any introduction about Paris. The city of love can’t be afforded by majority of the lovers. Wages in Paris are really high, but you still won’t be able to live in the heart of the town in your regular salary. The rent for one-bedroom apartment can go above $4,000/month. Near the city centre, you can rent a studio apartment for about $870/month. If you include utilities, food, transportation and entertainment, it is going to be really difficult. But Paris is a permanent prodigy that one can choose to stay at much expenditure.

4. San Francisco, United States

Anything related to real estate in San Francisco is sky-soaring. So, everyone doesn’t get the opportunity to live in San Francisco. One bedroom apartment outside the city centre can cost you around $2,500/month and if you wish to live close to all the activities, you will have to pay at least $3,200/month just for the one-bedroom option. A decent apartment near the city centre can cost you around $6,500/month. San Francisco has plenty of things to offer to people who can afford to live here. Utilities and transportation are not that expensive here.

5. Seoul, South Korea

Seoul is one of the most amazing cities of the world, which feature contemporary skyscrapers, pop culture and up-to-the-minute technology. Comprised of Buddhist temples, imposing palaces and old street markets, this extraordinary metropolitan allows you to pay minimum $2,000 every month for 2 or 3 bedroom apartments in a good location. An interesting aspect about Seoul is that fruits are really expensive here. Bananas, oranges and apples come here at really expensive price, and even costs of the milk are a lot more than what you are actually paying in different parts of the world. But Seoul is a gorgeous city and one of the most expensive destinations in the world as well.

6. Los Angeles, United States

Being home to numerous wonderful attractions, Los Angeles is recognized for its very high prices. Rent for one-bedroom apartment starts here from $1,900 per month and if you like something bigger, pay at least $3,500 as monthly rental. Other expenses will be $250 for utilities and transportation. You will probably spend a lot more on entertainment in the gorgeous City of Angels. In return, you may have strong chances of coming across some of your favorite stars. This experience will make you ignore all the costs you have to pay for living in this expensive city of the world.

7. Tokyo, Japan

From last couple of years, Tokyo has been counted as the most expensive city of the world. If you closely look at the costs of living here, you will surely understand why. Buying an apartment in Tokyo close to the city centre will be a real challenge, as the price per square feet is almost the highest in the entire world. If you decide to go for a rental property, don’t expect that also at cheap rates. A decent apartment in a good position can allow you spending about $4,000 per month. Almost everything is expensive here, including fruits, taxi rides, phone calls and movies in theatres. There are many reasons that make Tokyo one of the most expensive cities of the world.

8. Sydney, Australia

Sydney is famous all over the world for its high housing rentals. One small 1-bedroom apartment near the city center will cost you around $2,000 per month but if you want to rent something bigger, you are expected to pay around $3,500 per month. Utilities are not that expensive in this gorgeous city, but the price for a monthly transportation pass is highest in the whole world that is $120. But the entire city is really fantastic where you will never feel the boredom and have an extraordinary lifestyle. You may also get here an awesome job paying off extremely well.

9. Geneva, Switzerland

It is not a secret that Switzerland is one of the most expensive countries in the world and Geneva is certainly one of the most amazing places to have home on the entire globe. If you rent a decent apartment close to the city centre, be ready to spend $3,500/month. Salaries are also very high in Geneva. So, you can probably afford it. However, going out and having meals in a mid-range restaurant can go above $100. Alcohol is exceptionally expensive here but Geneva is a world centre for mediation, international corporations and organizations and for people already living here the prices are very moderate.

10. Singapore

Another most expensive city of the world, Singapore is a destination of superlatives. This swanky metropolis is home to some of the most wonderful buildings of the world, along with being one of the most powerful economies of Asia. It is perfect for both business and pleasure. Many people dream about living in this outstanding city. The rent for a 1-bedroom apartment starts here from $1,900 and cost for monthly transport will be around $250. The interesting fact is that sometimes the booking flight ticket is cheaper than a hiring cab in Singapore.