Free Things You can Take Away from Your Hotel Room

It happens with most of us that despite not being a thief, we behave like kleptomaniac while being in a hotel. There is a wrong perception among us that if we have paid for the room, we are entitled to its contents. The instinct for gathering takes over us and we try putting things into our trolley. But there is a difference between collecting and stealing. You are not permitted to take everything kept in the room. There is nothing wrong in taking the little bottles of toiletries home; despite how unlawful it may feel (although it’s frequent for people to call it “stealing”). Your bill covers the cost of these free hotel items and hotels actually let the guests taking the toiletries home. Those things remind the guests of the hotel along with advertising about it to others. These are some items that you can carry home from your hotel room.


To complete a long travel kit, the toothpaste size of the hotel is the perfect one and you can ask the attendant for an extra tube.


People having sensitive skin avoid using the hotel soap during their shower but it doesn’t mean it’s completely useless. You can use them in multiple ways like a freshener for your luggage or as hand-wash at home.


If you are not much choosy about the shampoo brand, you can pick them for using this other times.


If you can use their shampoo, you can also use their conditioner. So, grabbing both bottles from the washroom won’t do any harm.


Minty fresh breath doesn’t come cheap and in fact, that’s a waste of money if you are already brushing your teeth regularly and flossing. But if the hotel gives you a bottle of it, keep this and save it for later. It may help when you are out of toothbrush or toothpaste and wish for a clean mouth.


You may have an electric razor but taking advantage of the free disposable razor available at the counter won’t be a bad idea. In case, you missed to bring your electric razor from home, the disposable version will be helpful.


Moisturizer given at the hotel is the perfect travel size that may fit into your purse or glove-box. You can keep them so that you may have it ready at any time.


The daily newspaper given you to read is not just free but also helpful. They may be re-used in different ways when you are away from home.

Beverage Kits

The left over tea-coffee packets are good in size and can be used when you are in short of them. You can take the artificial sweetener, milk powder and sugar to your home.

Sewing Kit

Everyone should keep a sewing kit in their backpack all times. The sewing kit can be helpful in several problems, including replacing a rogue button to few more. So, you can take them away.