Discover the Deadliest Staircases in the World

From long back, the stairs are constructed to help during the climbing & to reduce the efforts associated with it. However, in some parts of the world, the stairs are so terrifying that they look nothing but the passages leading to the some devil’s home in the hell. They are very scary in their own design and most of them have claimed lives in the process also. Here we present to you the scariest stairways in the world. Walk and be safe!

Pailon del Diablo Waterfall, Ecuador

Located adjacent to stunning waterfall and tropical scenery, this staircase is nothing but a scary walk. The stairs are constructed with oversized pebbles that provide frictions. The stairs are almost of the same colour and blend in a way that they create an illusion of a stone slide. Moreover, they are slippery from the constant drizzle of the waterfall. Through there is a metal railing but it becomes of no use after getting drenched from the water droplets.

Half Dome, Cable Route, California

Stretching to 13 kms, The Half Dome Cable Route is a scariest walk that takes you to the elevation of about 4,800 ft. Earlier because of the difficulty, the trail used to see fewer crowd but in the recent times, its popularity has gone wider with 800 visitors a day. This hiking trail takes you to the Vernal and Nevada Falls, then into Yosemite Valley to finally reach the Half Dome.

Janssen Observatory, Mont Blanc, France

Located at the top of the magnificent mountain of Le Mont Blanc, the stairs of the Janssen Observatory is something you will think twice about. The steps are short and are lined with a strong railing. It’s not the structure but the placement of the stairs which makes you feel nauseated.

Mount Huashan Heavenly Stairs, China

Situated near the city of Huayin, Mt Hua Shan is a magnificent mountain that houses a steep and heavenly stairs. The walkway consists of a three plank wide path with only side chains to hold and put your weight upto to reach the next step. The moment you reach the final spot, every risk that you have taken will be rewarded with the most amazing views of the surroundings.

Flrli Stairs, Norway

Located around the town of Lysefjord, this fascinating stairs are featured in the list because of two reasons: the stairs have 4,444 steps and is sited at an altitude of 2,427 feet. Constructed wholly out of wood, this scary staircase takes you on journey full of risk and adventure.

Haiku Stairs, Oahu, Hawaii

Leading up to the Oahus Koolau Mountain Range, Haiku Stairs is the steepest stairs that is so dangerous that it is even illegal to climb. Considering the danger, there is even a guard placed at the bottom to stop anyone from going up. Also called as the Highway to Heaven, the place is nothing but an ultimate daredevil hike.

Taihang Mountains Spiral Staircase, China

Attracting tourist from all over the world, this site in China is not for people who suffer from Vertigo. They are the 300 ft spiral staircase which is installed on the walls of the stunning mountain in Linzhou and offers the most adventure filled experience to mountaineers. The place follows age restrictions and strict guidelines for the safety of the people visiting it.

Angkor Wat Temple Stairs, Cambodia

It is believed that the steps were made so steep that it will remind the people about the heaven and the hardships you have to go through to reach. The staircase is ancient, almost 70 percent inclined and full of risk to fall down.

Batu Caves, Malaysia

Situated around a mountain about 8 miles from Kuala Lampur, Batu caves is one of the famous Hindu holy site outside India housing one of the highest and the dangerous stairways to climb. The stairway consists of 272 steps and takes you to the height of 330 feet up to the main temple. Apart from this, the land of Malaysia also some of the most popular tourists spot that attracts tourists from all across the world. Find out what all Malaysia has to offer. Book Flight Tickets to Malaysia and explore.

Sagrada Familia, Barcelona

There is nothing like the Sagrada Familia, as it takes you through the dangerous staircase to reach out the church. The staircase coils around the tightly closed walls and there is also no railing that can help you during your walk. And just to inform you, there will be huge number of people walking up and down at the same time, making it all the more risky.

Duomo di Milano, Milan

Any travelers visit in Milan is incomplete without the visit of its famous Cathedral filled with more than 2,000 statues. But, in order to discover this landmark, you need to walk through the steep staircase in a shaft that remains congested with the crowd. The walk is indeed scary!

Inca Stairs, Peru

Leading to a far away located Moon Temple At Machu Picchu, 600 feet or so of steep, slippery, cloud-covered granite rocks the Inca carved more than 500 years ago into the side of Huayna Picchu (the peak in everyone’s photos) lead to the rarely visited Moon Temple—and a spectacular view of the ruins. The park limits the climb to the first 400 visitors each morning and has added some metallic chains in the worst parts, so hold on because on one side is a sheer, damp wall and on the other, a straight drop into the Urubamba river.

Inside the statue of liberty Stairs, New York

Do you know in the inside of the Statue of Liberty, there is a dangerous stairs that can literally take your breath away? After exploring the museum in the pedestal and going to visit the crown, there is a climb that can be called as one of the deadliest staircases in the world. The climb itself is 354 steps, almost like 20 stories and is advised only for people in good physical health. Children who are at least 4 feet tall and accompanied by a responsible adult can be allowed to visit.