Best Camping Sites of India

Staying in the Hotels doesn’t let you have the raw experience of the place. The luxuries of it make it difficult for you to go out and discover. Moreover, If you want to be unaffected by the chaotic sights and sounds of the city, camping is simply all you need. Camping in India can be a totally different experience for every kind of travelers as deserts, mountains and jungles of India offers wide variety of camping sites. Experiencing the travel under the shinning sky, singing around the bonfire and enjoying the surrounding is what the soul will cherish forever and this is exactly what you believe in. so to let you have some unforgettable memories, we bring to you the best places for camping in India. Go and book your flights to your destination now!


Enclosed by the serenity and the picturesque landscape, Ladakh is the perfect camping sight in India. The best places to camp at in Ladakh are the Tsomoriri Lake, Mystic Sangla Valley, or at the West Ladakh Camp. The place attracts large number of travelers with a variety of tourist activities. For a longer stay, consider the Markha valley where you will be setting up your own tent under the shinning skies and have the experience of a lifetime.

The best time for Camping in Ladakh- May to Septemberemt first


Located in the foothills of Himalayas, Rishikesh is among the best camping destinations in India. The amazing Rishikesh camp is not only close to the lush green nature but also has a more tranquil feel. For people looking for some peace away from the chaos of city life, there are tents here, styled in a hermit fashion and are designed to give you a total detached time. The food served here is completely organic and you can also try activities like rafting, trekking, yoga and spa sessions. Camping in Rishikesh is something you should never miss!

Spiti Valley

To get respite from the hot summers, Spiti valley is one of the popular camping sites for all the adventure enthusiasts. Located in the district of Himachal Pradesh, the camping sites provides you the perfect escape in the lap of serenity and panoramic views. For those of you who are interested in trekking can also set up camp at Chandra Taal Lake and enjoy the scenes of breathtaking nature.

The Best Time for Camping in Spiti Valley: May and June


The sparkling golden sands are the perfect setting to have an amazing experience of camping in India. With camel rides, folk dances and ethnic taste in the wide extended Thar Desert is something you will never forget. The camps in Jaisalmer have all the facilities to make it a comfortable stay and have your day packed with fun-filled activities.

Info: Make sure you plan your camping adventure during winters as the deserts get unbearable during summers.

The Best Time for Camping in Jaisalmer: November to February


Located at an altitude of 2,740 meters above sea level and surrounded by the snowy mountains and lush greenery, Sonamarg offers some of the most stunning camping sites in India. Moreover, the free flowing Sindh Sagar adds as an important element to its natural setting for the most amazing experience. For campers, the views of the splendid Himalayas along with the blue sky will be a treat to be cherished forever.

The Best Time for Camping in Sonamarg: mid-April till October


Mussoorie is the most famous travel destination and an ideal camping destination in India. Every year large number of tourists visits the lush green beauty of this place and set up camp to enjoy the peaceful holiday. For camping in Mussoorie, there are number of beautiful sites. You can go to the forest area; the Kempty Fall region and outside city location towards the upper Himalayas. These locations not only provide you the refreshing air but also settle the most chaotic minds with its serenity.

The Best Time for Camping in Mussoorie: April to May and September to November


This hill station is located at a height of 1460 meters in the Parvati Valley of Kullu district. The abundance of natural beauty that has surrounded this place is a delight to watch and felt. There are number of camps situated in the banks of Parvati River which give you the perfect escape from the hustle of the monotony life.

The Best Time for Camping in Kasol: April to May and September to November

Chandra Taal Lake

Located around 4,300 meters above sea level in Lahaul and Spiti Valley, Chandertal Lake is blessed with exquisite natural sceneries. The lake is bordered Himalayan Mountains of the Chandra Bhaga range and attract the tourists from all over the world. Famously known as ‘Lake of Moon’, this place is a perfect camping destination to have the unforgettable experience. The camps are not popular for being surrounded by the splendid location but also for its various adventure activities. Apart from camping, you can also go on a hike in the nearby greenery.

The Best Time for Camping in Chandertal Lake: Summers (when the roads are open)

Solang Valley

Solang Valley in Himachal Pradesh is a perfect destination for all the camping lovers. along with the adventure enthusiasts as this place offers great nuances of the sport. The regions remain surrounded by the stunning plantations and meadows in the valley and therefore camping an amazing to experience. The major camping sites are located near the banks of the River Beas which you can choose as per the activities, locations and the amenities.
The Best Time for Camping in Solang Valley: April to May and September to November

Kaudiyala, Uttarakhand

Kaudiyala is a major stopover while travelling to Kedarnath trek and is a famous site for camping in Uttaranchal. Located at the height of 480 meters, the place is loaded with the lush green beauty and picturesque landscape. Based on the river Ganga, this place is must visit camping spot and an ideal getaway to have a memorable time.

The Best Time for Camping in Kaudiyala: summer season