For All These Reasons You Must Plan Your Next Trip to Ahmedabad

Ahmedabad is famous for many things, including brilliant restaurants, thrilling night markets, excellent museums, fascinating buildings, and thrilling nightlife. If you have booked Ahmedabad flights and going to explore this amazing city, then you must know the things for which it is famous. Whether you are a history buff or love to see the architectural marvels, Ahmedabad is a place to be.  Here are the top 8 reasons to visit Ahmedabad on your next trip.


Best Things to Explore in Ahmedabad City

Gandhi’s Birth Place

Sabarmati Ashram is a famous place in Gujarat that is also popular as Satyagraha Ashram and Gandhi Ashram. Here, Gandhiji used to live with his wife Kasturba Gandhi. This is a place where his famous movement Dandi March started. Perched upon 36 acres of land, the ashram consists of certain items related to the history of Gandhi’s life. At present, this place is recognized as a national monument by the Indian government, and it has become the favorite tourist place of Ahmedabad. If you are taking a tour of Ahmedabad, don’t forget to visit Gandhi’s Ashram in Gujarat.

Fabric Shopping in Ahmedabad

There are numerous shopping markets in Ahmedabad, and most of them are known for fabric shopping and clothing. Sindhi market Ahmedabad, Lal darwaja shopping, and Manek Chowk, are some of the popular shopping markets of Ahmedabad where every tourist takes a tour. The city is a hub of the textile market, where you can buy low-cost for every occasion. Do visit the shopping market in Ahmedabad for a unique experience during your travel. 

An Ancient Mosque

Ahmed Shah’s Mosque is one of the oldest mosques in Ahmedabad, where a large flock of tourists is seen every month. The unique architecture designed in Mosque attracts a lot of visitors to the city. The Mosque is having a separate chamber for women and consists of a prayer hall with beautiful black and white tiles. Evenings are the best time to visit this spiritual place.

Scrumptious Street food at Manek Chowk

In the morning, the place is heaven for shopaholics, and at night it becomes the favorite spot of foodies. In the morning, the place is heaven for shopaholics and at night it becomes the favorite spot of foodies. Here, you will get everything from pizza, dosa, ice cream kulfi, Italian food, bhaji, Chinese food and south Indian.You should not miss your visit to this foodie’s paradise in Ahmedabad with your family.

Law Garden

Law garden is very popular in Gujarat and it is frequently visited by locals for recreational purposes. This heavenly garden is also known for its market, where you will see lots of tourists indulge in shopping and finding the best deal. It is an ultimate destination to buy Gujarati attire and accessories along with beautiful handicrafts. Show up your bargaining skills in the market to buy everything on which your heart stops.

Kankaria Lake

Kankaria Lake is the biggest lake in Ahmedabad built-in the15thcentury by Sultan Kutubuddin. Famous among kids and families, Kankaria Lake offers a plethora of entertainment options for all age groups. A pathway enclosing this lake has spellbound activities and adventure that will fill your travel with thrilling experiences. One can rejuvenate in the garden and take exciting rides of amusement parks. If you visit this Lake in evening hours then you can witness the multi-colored glowing lights all around its periphery.

Kite Museum

Kite Museum in Ahmedabad attracts tourists from every corner of the world. It is a part of Sanskar Kendra, which was crafted as the cultural center of Ahmedabad. Bhanu Shah initiated the concept of the kite museum when he offered all his kite clusters to the AMC. You will see a wide variety of kites in the museum that are showcased perfectly with some awesome photographs and illustrations.

Science City

It is the best place in Ahmedabad for kids and families where entertainment comes with science knowledge. It includes different sections like 3D theatre, Musical Fountain, Planet Earth, Energy Park, Hall of Science, IMAX 3D theatre, and Life Science Park. Children just love to visit this place as they find many mysterious things to hold their attention. It’s the ultimate place to spend a day when you are touring Ahmedabad. Here, you can understand the basic concept of science in a fun and playful manner.

Is there any other reason that you want? Ahmedabad has numerous tourist attractions, and your trip to this happening city can be wonderful with thrilling experiences. Don’t forget to book your budget hotels along with flights as it will be the place where you will come back after taking a tour of the city.