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Sitting amidst the Indian Ocean, Mauritius is a tourist haven for the ones who love tropical getaways. Not only the sites of this destination to die for but the culture and history are equally mesmerising. Mauritius is renowned for its picture perfect, white sandy beaches and lively coral reefs underwater. Over time this small subtropical island country has become a top-notch global tourist destination.

As a part of the Mascarene archipelago, Mauritius stands out among the rest due to its naturally alluring landscapes. You can find wide open beaches, tall and serene waterfalls, lush green forests and a lot more. However, going underwater at a place like the Blue Bay Marine Park, will invite you into a whole new world. The rich biodiversity in these untampered waters is a sight to behold.

Mauritius owes its founding to Arab sailors who began settling here. The culture in this country has been influenced by many invaders. The Arabs were overthrown by the Dutch during the 17th century who were then beaten by the French. Eventually, it was the British who laid final claim to these lands in the Colonisation era. All in all, Mauritius has been influenced by cultures from Africa, Asia, Europe and the Middle East.

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Felt Delighted
My time in Mauritius was more than just a vacation—it was a journey into the heart of paradise. During the trip we got premium hotels, exclusive transportation services and additional facilities that turned this trip into a heartfelt discovery.
Arnav Singhania
Had Best Time of My Life
Mauritius surprised me in the most delightful ways. Me and my family went to Black River Gorges National Park, which revealed the island's unfiltered beauty. During the expedition, me and my family was also accompanied by the guide who wasd providing insightful info about the places.
Riya Agarwal
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My Mauritius adventure was a deep dive into the island's culture. The blend of influences and the stunning natural backdrop made this journey an immersive experience, leaving me with a genuine appreciation for EaseMyTrip.
Aditya Mehta
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