Visa Information You Must Know Before Travelling to Mauritius

Before travelling to any international destination, it is important to go through and understand the rules and regulations pertaining to the VISA. You can do so by visiting the official website, the embassy in your country or consulting a travel agent. Educating yourself thoroughly is important to ensure a hassle-free trip.

(I) Do you need a VISA to visit Mauritius?

  • Like most countries, Mauritius also allows foreign nations from many countries to enter its lands and stay for a short period without a VISA. The various VISA exemptions include countries like Australia, Argentina, France and many others.

Documents needed for VISA application

As is tradition with all government tasks, there is a list of documents you will need to submit while applying for your VISA. They are as follows:

  • Passport - Necessary for all international travel.
  • Proof of accommodation - You will need to share the details pertaining to your hotel reservations or sponsor’s address.
  • Proof of means - Sharing your bank statements and salary slips is also mandatory.
  • Travel itinerary - Sharing all your flight details while in the country is mandatory.
  • Passport size photographs - Two required per application.
  • VISA application form - The most important form you will need to duly fill.
  • VISA application fees - To be paid while submitting the application form.
  • Travel insurance - Proof of insurance should be shown

Note: To stay updated with the requirements, you must regularly visit the official website or embassy. Alternatively, you could consult a travel agent.

Guidelines for VISA application

Many travellers are intimidated by the VISA application procedure since it is long and gruesome. However, you do not need to be as this list of tips and tricks will have you smiling all the way to Mauritius.

  • Fill in the application form carefully and make sure you check the right boxes.
  • Make sure your passport’s validity is at least six months ahead of your time of travel.
  • Ensure to select the right kind of VISA as there are quite a few to choose from.
  • Pay the application fee while submitting the form.
  • You can submit the form online or at the embassy.
  • Stay updated with the VISA exemption and requirements list by visiting the website or the embassy.
  • Apply for a VISA with a tentative date of travel as it is a time taking procedure.
  • Make sure all the necessary updated and accurate documents are attached with the form before submission.

How to extend a Mauritian VISA?

VISA extension is a common service provided by many countries and Mauritius is no different in this regard. Here are the steps you will need to undertake to get your VISA extended.

  • Contact the local Immigration Office located in the capital city, Port Louis.
  • Apply for a VISA extension before your current VISA expires to stay within the rules and avoid any complications.
  • Clearly mention the reason for extension and provide proof if necessary.
  • Fill in the application form carefully.
  • Attach all the necessary documents like a valid passport, current VISA with entry stamp, proof of means to cover the extension, etc.
  • Pay the extension fee.
  • Submit the form and the fees at the Immigration Office.
  • Await your approval.
  • Collect your approved and extended VISA from the Immigration Office.
  • Pay attention and adhere to the conditional rules and regulations if any.

Note: Tourists can also apply for a Premium VISA which is valid for a whole year and renew it as and when necessary. Check the official website for more details.

Types of Mauritian VISA

Much like all the countries across the world, Mauritius also has many different types of VISAs that visitors can apply for. They are as follows:

  • Tourist VISA: Meant for foreign nationals visiting Mauritius for tourism.
  • Business VISA: Meant for foreign nationals visiting Mauritius for business purposes like business deals, meetings and conferences.
  • Student VISA: Meant for foreign nationals travelling Mauritius for education purposes.
  • Employment VISA: Meant for foreign nationals with a job in Mauritius.
  • Investor VISA: Meant for foreign nationals visiting Mauritius to invest a considerable amount into the country or run a business.
  • Retired Non-Citizen VISA: Meant for foreign nationals travelling to Mauritius to retire.
  • Residence Permit: Meant for foreign nationals travelling to Mauritius to stay there for an extended period of time.
  • Diplomat or Government VISA: Meant for people from the government of foreign nations.
  • Transit VISA: Meant for international passengers changing flights in Mauritius.
  • Medical VISA: Meant for foreign nationals travelling to Mauritius to get medically treated.

Note: This list is subject to change and you must visit the official website or embassy to get hold of current norms.

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