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Nidadavolu Jn Railway Station Overview

Nidadavolu Jn is a major railway hub connecting different corners of India. The Nidadavolu Jn station is a testament to Victorian-era architecture and plays a significant role from a connectivity point of view.

As trains pass through the numerous platforms, the station echoes with vibrant energy and is full of hustle and bustle throughout the day. Passengers can explore the local flavors and savor several dishes at the bustling food stalls that offer a culinary journey.

The station serves as a gateway to the city's attractions, with convenient transportation options connecting travelers to iconic landmarks. The station also houses modern amenities, ensuring a comfortable experience for passengers, with waiting lounges, Wi-Fi connectivity, and other facilities.

One of the key essentials to remember while booking a train from this station to your destination is the station code and the Nidadavolu Jn railway station code is NDD. Once you step out of the Nidadavolu Jn railway station, you can easily look for a bus, auto and rickshaw.

Frequently Asked Questions
Q.How Many no of Platforms are there in Nidadavolu Jn Railway Station?

A. There are 0 platforms in Nidadavolu Jn.

Q.What is station code forNidadavolu Jn railway station?

A. NDD is the station code for Nidadavolu Jn.

Q.What is The Number of Trains Leaving from Nidadavolu Jn Railway Station in A Week?

A.There are 1 trains leaving from Nidadavolu Jn in a week.

Q. Which Is First Train Starts from Nidadavolu Jn Railway Station?

A.First train that deaprts from Nidadavolu Jn RGDA GNT SPL 23:38.

Q.Which is last train terminating on Nidadavolu Jn railway Station?

A.Last train that terminating on Nidadavolu Jn RGDA GNT SPL 23:38